[GenCon] Where is Games on Demand going to be this year?

Hey, gang,

So, I want to plug GoD on the podcasty internets, but a quick Google search hasn't turned up where it's going to be this year. Anyone know?

- Ryan


  • they appear to be keeping it a secret from me, anyway. i've asked a few times, and no one will fess up. :)
  • Speaking of which, is there any sort of sign up thing to do?
  • I'm curious to know, not just for myself. I have a friend who will be at Gen Con 1 day whose goal is to cram as many different games as possible into that timeframe. GoD is part of the plan--in the details, you might say. :)
  • I emailed Andrew, who's in charge of GoD/IGE this year, a week ago and haven't heard back. Not sure what's up.
  • Posted By: Josh RobySpeaking of which, is there any sort of sign up thing to do?
    Do you mean as a GM? I'm a Games on Demand GM this year. I signed up by emailing Andrew.

  • Can someone whisper me Andrew's email addy?
  • Does anyone know where GoD will be hosted?
  • It's in the Hyatt. That's all I know.
  • Looks like it's room "Network" in the Hyatt.
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