Who was working on Girl Genius?

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Someone was messing about with Girl Genius for roleplaying, and mentioned on these forums the idea of "Losing your hat" as a game mechanic.

The idea has been stuck in my head ever since, and I just put up a whole article on conditions written somewhat goofily from that perspective. I'll like to give that person a nod, but I can't actually remember who it was.


  • I believe there was/is an official GURPS Girl Genius book in the works. I think Kaja and Phil were doing it...

    But that may well have nothing to do with what you're talking about.

    "Enny plan ver hyu lose you hat, iz a BAD PLAN!" -- some Jagermonster...
  • There was a going to be a GURPS book. No idea if there still is going to be.
  • They still were promising it on their website, last I checked.
  • I know that Kyle Marquis, aka Moochava, recently wrote up an NWoD hack for mad science that listed Girl Genius as an influence.
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