Lulu: Should I Wait For My Proof?

I've got some stuff up on Lulu, and have checked over the "print-ready" conversions, doublechecked all figures, and ordered a copy of my own to look over.

Is the Print-ready file conversion an accurate check? Or should I wait for the proof to arrive?


  • Wait for the proof. When I ordered the proof of Play Unsafe, it turned out everything was too close to the centre of the book, and I had to move everything out by half an inch. You can't really tell that sort of thing from a PDF.

  • Ah. Fair enough, then.
  • "Should I wait for the proof?" isn't even a question, since there is only one answer.
  • What Jason said. I had to adjust the colors on the cover of Push 1 (done through Lulu), because they were printing darker than I expected.

    Always, always, always get a proof first. There are more than a few books that have faced near disasters because they were not proofed.
  • Yeah, Beast Hunters had issues with the bleed. Plus, if your PDF is a higher version than 1.3, it's possible that it won't print on their European printer, so you might want to have one of the Brits order a proof as well.
  • I could pile on and talk about how we needed to make final adjustments on Dirty Secrets after getting our proof from Lulu...but I won't.

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    Great Wolf
  • I got it!

    Yeah, stupid question. I shoulda known. Just, well, all bouncy-excited.

    *Looks at coffee*

    Maybe I should change to decaf. This stuff is making me weird.
  • Remember the REIGN debacle?
  • Harald:

    No, I don't remember hearing about that before, please enlighten me! (Just links are OK, if it was discussed elsewhere.)
  • Some copies were missing pages, or had them in the wrong order, or something to that effect.
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    Posted By: Jason Morningstar"Should I wait for the proof?" isn't even a question, since there is only one answer.
    Presumably there are two answers, which are "Yes" and "No"?

    Hope my attention to detail helps.

  • Hey Graham, can we all send you free copies of our games so we can see if Lulu's European printers mess them up? Or should we maybe create a rotating list of European book checkers?
  • Sure. However, Lulu has its own British printers, who are different from the Spanish printers. So you should probably send a copy to both me and Matthijs.

  • Getting free games in the mail? It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.
  • That was my thought.

    You could kill two birds with one stone: send me a proof and, while you're at it, enter your game in the British Game Awards.

  • Hey, I'm willing to accept European copies too :P
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