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Some of you showed interest in Philippe Tromeur's project 53 JdR (stands for "Jeux de Roles" = RPG)

I just translated one of them : Enigma. Sorry for the very basic presentation (google document export) and the stupid ads (lycos sucks). Feel free to submit corrections : my English isn't exactly professional. I should be better at translating English games in French.

Enjoy !


  • I'll have to show it to my sister. She lives near Nimes.
    (but she stopped joining in my games in high school, when she got cool and I didn't.)
  • "Summon Dark Man" and "Magical Gate"?

    Heinrich Himmler is hot. This game has Malcolm Craig written all over it.

    I barely understand this game, even in English. But I want to play it!

    Franck, thanks for the nice translation:)
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    Enigma is a part of a (so far) trilogy of mini-RPG's about WW2 and Lovecraft stuff.

    The other two are :
    Yonaguni : The Yonaguni ruins rise and become a mysterious island. Mysterious flying insectoid mushrooms come from the sky to conquer it. Strange fishmen guardians defend the ruins. The Japanese Empire sends ninjas and sorcerers to explore the new territory.
    Magna Mater (uploaded a few hours ago) : During WW2, Northern Transylvania becomes part of Hungary. Teams of Hungarian fascists, SS advisers and Romanian Militia search the countryside to hunt down Jews, Gypsies and rebels ; they also sign up pacts with ancient Vampire Lords and other inhuman beings... The PC's are Hungarian and Romanian rebels, and they try to hire the forces of both Light and Darkness to struggle against Evil. Think of a mix between The Keep and Pan's Labyrinth.

    Il plan at least another mini-game, taking place in the desert (Sahara or Arabia, I'm not sure).
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    Yeah I must say sometimes I was tempted to insert an extra sentence that was going to make sense to me. But it's completely unethical and I could loose my paladin translator status, or even worse : gods of creation might smite me with their wrath !

    I'm not sure if the "Dark Man" is Nyarlatothep or if I'm mixing everything up.

    I'm not proud of the "magical gate", how would you call a spell that opens a passage by magic ?
  • "The Dark Man", "The Lord of Gates" and "The Living Chaos" are definitely Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth.
  • Here's a overview of all the games produced so far...

    Good looking, aren't they ?

    totemique.jpg spherurges.jpg enigma.jpg
    sarkozy.jpg uo.jpg yonaguni.jpg
    trader.jpg neuilly.jpg ecs.jpg
    somnambules.jpg bnb.jpg sang.jpg
    q.jpg sephiroth.jpg ailleurs.jpg
    pas.jpg gardiens.jpg vortex.jpg
    expression.jpg dian.jpg zogabollo.jpg
    yuz.jpg ninja2000.jpg arcanes.jpg
    alerte.jpg mars.jpg mater.jpg
  • Philippe, you are a *machine*. Keep it going!!
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    12 more RPG's...

    chuck.jpg autour.jpg ensorceleurs.jpg
    mort.jpg olympiade.jpg moderne.jpg
    epique.jpg edge.jpg and.jpg
    tenebre.jpg generique.jpg shardanes.jpg

    Chuck Norris : 'nuff said
    Autour du monde : Jumper reloaded
    Ensorceleurs : a game of modern magick
    Trompe-la-mort : Wanted RPG (kinda)
    Olympiade : greek demigods in the modern world
    Aventure moderne : generic pulp
    Aventure épique : generic ancient
    3rd Edge : elderly people in a dark future
    Anges et démons : angels & demons in the modern world (inspired by Der Himmel über Berlin / Wings of Desire)
    Ténèbre : a dark RPG !
    Aventure générique : another generic RPG
    Shardanes : war in Corsica, between bronze-age invaders from the sea, and neolithic shamans

    Next Tuesday, the challenge will be 75% complete !
  • Shardanes : war in Corsica, between bronze-age invaders from the sea, and neolithic shamans
    This one seems very attractive to me ! Must be related to the wild boar stews I got invited to sample when I was on the other side of the Atlantic. I'll take an order of chestnut and wild asparagus too.
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    Super flics : a game about cops
    René en short : a 1-page version of Wuthering Heights
    JdR : a role-playing game
    RVMA : about archaic Rome
    Elémentaire : elemental RPG
    Eblouissement : a brilliant RPG
    Shaolin & Wodan : Chinese monks against invaders from the Northwest
    Dieux oubliés : Forgotten gods are coming back...
    Top action ! : a game of action movies
    d4@d12 : a generic system

    4 games left...
  • It's over...


    Whitefire : mercenary action
    Naufragés : marroned on a strange island...
    La cinquième Lune : nazi heroes at the end of the fourth lunar era
    Dévoreurs : resistance against an hidden alien invasion
  • Philippe, have you received any feedback on these games? Here, or otherwhere?
  • ...and more importantly, what have you discovered by creating them? What have you liked and disliked about the process?
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    Posted By: MatthijsPhilippe, have you received any feedback on these games? Here, or otherwhere?
    I posted news on several French forums, on which I had feedback, especially ...

    I even have a few fans : one guy playtested 18 of my games during a convention in Paris (Objectif Jeux) !
    Posted By: thor...and more importantly, what have you discovered by creating them? What have you liked and disliked about the process?
    Well, it was just a stupid attempt to single-handedly beat Gareth-Michael Skarka's failed challenge. I wasn't expecting any discovery ;)

    I'm happy I finally succeeded, and a few creations were worth it : I was able to create a few good games based on stupid puns...
  • Bravo anyway!
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    I've just seen the pages devoted to my creations on RPGGeek :
    It's very complete, with summaries (and sometimes mini-reviews) in the English language !
    There are even some semantic analysis :

    I'm totally non-responsible for this !
  • Hey, Philippe, where are the actual games these days? doesn't seem to answer.
  • edited May 2011 hosting seems to be dead, yes... (and replaced with something different with a similar name)
    I'll put them somewhere else someday...
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