[DREAD FBP] Building a background/story with pictures.

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DREAD FBP keeps my imagination going. Sometimes when I come across a drawing or a picture I can't help but think "Well that be great for my story/setting/NPC's... and the like".

So what I'm trying to do here is to built a fictionnal city for Dread based only on pictures or drawings found on the net.

Everyone is welcome to participate as long as you provide a picture and a (no matter how short) comment on how it fit in the background.

Comments on pictures already posted is more than welcome but try to keep the noise to a minimum.

Thanks for bearing with me.


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    First, I'll start with some protagonists. Nothing cries more "Dread !" to me than Frank Miller's Sin City. I included game stats but it may be unecessary here, you tell me.



    A journalist whose dreams of glory crashed and burned with her car in a terrible accident that left her disfigured. Rapidly turned to self pity, drugs and alcohol. Saved while a demon was starting to skin her alive.

    Strength : 1
    Sense : 2
    Soul : 6

    Life : 12

    Combat : 1
    Magic : 6

    Discipline : Exorcism

    Skills : Charm (endearing) (2), Journalism (television reporter) (2)

    Drive : Protection

    Contacts : Will Rowe, chief of staff at the local TV station. Marisa Wendell : one of the town's Mayor counselor.

    Gear : Camcorder

    Weapons : None

    Armor : Concealed

    Spells :
    Bête noire



    A marine corporal with 3 tours of duty in Irak. Last year he was assigned to the Abu Ghraib prison where his services where used during "interrogations". Left the army, became a bouncer at a small nightclub. Days were spent in front of the TV and bullying people around. One of his last opponent almost ripped his arm off with his jaws.

    Strength : 6
    Sense : 2
    Soul : 1

    Life : 12

    Combat : 7
    Magic : 1

    Discipline : Combat

    Skills : Intimidation (Bouncer) (2), Military (marine) (2)

    Drive : Redemption

    Contacts : Sergent Baylor, veteran hospital, Jeff "babyface" Derderian, nightclub owner.

    Gear : Used car

    Weapons : Brass Knuckles (x2)

    Armor : None

    Spells :



    A retired FBI agent. When you dedicated all your life to a job it becomes quite empty once the job is gone. No one forgets to remind you that you're just one useless old man among many others. You were about to shoot yourself when something appeared, wanting you to shoot other people first...

    Strength : 2
    Sense : 5
    Soul : 2

    Life : 12

    Combat : 2
    Magic : 2

    Discipline : Lore

    Skills : Crime (FBI agent) (3), Empathy (M.D in psychology) (3), Medecine (forensic unit) (4)

    Drive : Justice

    Contacts : Agent Masterson, old colleague, Seth Maser, coroner.

    Gear : Laptop, fingerprint kit

    Weapons : Glock 17

    Armor : None

    Spells :
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    A group of Disciples, known as Cabal, was trained and formed by a mentor. The game leaves the Mentor description to our imagination. As I was reading Sin City it soon became evident :

    The Mentor always meet the Disciples in a strip club... She goes by the name of Nancy.


    You get lots of attention but remain nameless, work in a crowded place where everyone gets by himself. No better place to talk about strange shit with your Disciples and you don't have to pay for the drinks.

    You always drink one shot before saying anything and another one when the meeting is over.

    Those Disciples are good, you'll miss 'em.

    This is a war buddy. And it won't be over for Christmas.
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    I browsed the Abandoned places site once again (http://www.abandoned-places.com/)

    In Dread some Demons are able to possess humans, but what if they were able to possess not a person, but an object or a building... ?


    Lot of suicides happening in that hospital lately... Certainly the psychiatric ward. Need a Chief of staff for this one... And a name maybe.
  • image

    Golem knows this guy, a former military officer now working for a Private Security Company. Hugh Lehman just arrived in town, for business...

    Golem witnessed his interrogation's techniques. "Sick bastard" he said.

    Walter Fairbanks is a nice guy.

    Very polite.

    Smooth voice.

    Very calm.

    He just wants to know why you sent five of his men to the hospital.

    He hopes it wasn't to save a bunch of european girls who weren't treated so badly.

    He'd like to have a refund for these as well.

    No point in reclaiming them at the police station huh ?

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