Where can I find web space to post my games?

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I'm looking for a cheap (preferably free), reliable place to build a website for my games. I have a Comcast account, but I have to jump through too many hoops to get to the web design part of my Comcast account when all I want to do is to upload and go about my business. I know enough HTML to get the game text online, but not enough to make it really pretty. Where are some good places to go to get webspace to hold my relatively short games (15 pages tops)?


  • I use geocities. It's not pretty, but it's free & easy.

  • If you have them in .pdf form, the folks at 1km1kt.net are always happy to host files of free rpgs.
  • Here are a couple of options:

    I host game companies/small press/non profit/personal sites using my rpgshelf.net service. The site is going to be updated, as I made a few changes in the past couple of weeks. I have a single account - 500 MB webspace, 5 Gig Bandwidth/month, unlimited domains, unlimited mySQL, unlimited emails, ftps, and so on -- $30/year. Yep, cheap and easy -- you supply your own domain name. It comes with the popular Control Panel setup, so you can install scripts with the click of a button or two.

    That is an option.

    As far as free hosting services, you might consider doing a blog or some such as well -- they can be unique ways to post your game material, allowing for discussion. You can also keep people updated with the changes and so on.
  • I think someone else on here mentioned pbwiki.com--if you don't mind using the wiki format, it's pretty nice.

  • There are all great suggestions. I think I'll go with 1km1kt.net. Considering that the game is only 15 pages long (including examples) and has no art of any kind, I believe that'd be the best place for it for the time being.
  • Green: Exactly. Keeton over at 1KM1KT is a swell guy (Oh crap, I forgot to invite him over here, emailing him now), and will help you with version control, too: That is, as your game develops he'll replace the old copy with the new for you. But I'd keep revisions down to once every two weeks or so, just so he doesn't get overloaded. :-)
  • Also, for development, you might consider a wiki. pbwiki.com will throw up a free instance for you, albeit with ads. Good way to work transparently, or across machines, or from work or whatever.
  • http://www.basecamphq.com/

    free for a single project, paid accounts from $12 per month.
  • http://schtuff.com/

    It's pretty nice.
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