[Stabbing Contest] episode 013 with Sam Chupp

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edited to add: http://stabbingcontest.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=327759 because I always forget.

From the blogpage: Sam Chupp emailed me and said "hey, let's do this podcast together like we've talked about." Who am I to resist such a charming fellow as Sam, huh? So we Skyped and recorded. Mickey and Deke were over because the three of us were heading out for dinner and then to go see New Model Army play at a local venue.

Great stuff, yeah? Well here comes the not so cool part. That night when we got home and were unwinding so we could get a few hours of sleep before a very long day I SPILLED CUP'O'NOODLES BROTH ONTO MY LAPTOP!! Oh fuck, oh no.

The upshot is that my sound device is kaputski.

So this episode is unedited, late, and unlistened to. I tried to send the files to my wife's laptop, but I would have had to send the Audacity data files one by one, and that's tedious as all get out.

So if the sound quality sucks here, I aplogize, and if the unedited portion where Sam loses his connection is irritating, sorry about that too.

Remember, at Stabbing Contest, professionalism is job... um 28 or so?


  • Good show! Nice and laid back. Far-ranging in that prototypical Ogre style.

    I can't believe I forgot to add in the part about donkey blowing on the resume. I'm kicking myself.
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    Lucky #13! Awesome :)

    And the linky is here
  • D'oh, I always forget to link.

    I'll edit
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