What's a good Wiki / Blog / File Repository thing for Gaming?

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It looks like I'm putting together a casual "Red Box Dungeons & Dragons" game, to be played when people get around to it, every couple weeks or so. I want to create a one-stop web page that includes

* wiki style entries for heroes, supporting cast, and setting elements, editable by anyone
* blog stuff, for updates on campaign material, as well as topics for discussion (i.e., comments feature is necessary)
* if possible, a place to store files on-line for DL. So that even if I didn't bring the character sheets, I can look them up (this is a lower priority)
* such a system must be free
* and easy to use
* and easy to maintain.

Any suggestions on this? I know there are places I can go for all these features individually, but I'd kind of like them all in one spot...


  • I've just started fiddling with wiki stuff for gaming and have started with wikispaces.com. It seems to work fine. Really easy to use, free, you can attach files.

  • I've been using pbwiki.com
    Their new version is a lot better than the old one. Cool all around, though I never tried another one.
  • I'll second wikidot: it hosts the wiki for Fate, at least a couple of Fate/SotC variants (Dictionary of Mu/Fate, for example), and also my online play by post DRYH game:


    It's handy, and easy. If you have lots of images I guess you could host them on photobucket and link, but IIRC you have 100MB of space on wikidot, so you are not much constrained.
  • Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Looks like I'm going to Wikidot...
  • I didn't have a very good experience with Wikidot, personally. And I don't think it supports the character sheets or blog you asked about. Obsidian Portal did those things for me; I'd still be using it if my group hadn't broken up.
  • If you can self-host, dokuwiki is easy to install, use and extend. Which is what we've been doing recently:



    Before dokuwiki, we started with jottit ( http://jottit.com/ ), which is beautifully minimalistic. But we wanted more access-control, file uploads and to hold our data.
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    I've set up a very simple system for myself at campaignwiki.org/ which you're free to try.

    There's an example for a Burning Wheel game I'm playing over Skype and an example for campaign notes I'm keeping for a mid-level D&D 3.5 game.

    Since I'm the only one really using it at the moment, I'll be happy to answer questions by mail.

    What you won't be seeing is a sophisticated solution using Wysiwyg editors, PDF exports, or the like.

    There's also a how-to for adding blog-like pages.

  • Posted By: kensanataThere's also a how-to for adding blog-like pages.
    Hey, that blog/calendar/journal trick is pretty snazzy!
  • I'm partial to wiki, and have made many versions dance (or had other helpful sorts do so). Simple and extensible is what I like.

    Jason, Obsidianportal looks interesting, but just one quick question: It's not free, is it? They mentioned something on the front about "customers."

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