[TCW] Hitting The Issues

edited March 2008 in Story Games
So, I have this game. And right now, my favored rules for it are a seriously rehacked Red Box Hack, which is likely going to mutate very shortly into something "inspired by" rather than "hacked from".

Thing is, the rules don't adress the real issues of the game, yet. In the game, all characters are one of three types, each of which comes with an actual issue attached. I want the game to actually put those issues somewhere visible. So here's what I'm puzzling at. Characters can be...

1) Kids: Actual children, involved in the business of a bloody anf ugly revolution against corruption.
2) Cogs: Clockwork people built as unintelligent slaves, that "woke up", and decided to fight to gain freedom.
3) Geezers: Old people that fought in the last revolution - which destroyed the aristocratic stranglehold on power, but had no effect on the actual corruption.

...Which is great. I love what the characters ARE. But at present, "being that thing" isn't what the game is ABOUT. Like, even in the slightest. And I think it should be, and that each of those things should have some kind of mechanism related to that.

So I'm looking for ideas on making the game be about that, in a rulesy-sense. These ideas do not have to be related to my current system - I can rehack, translate, fold, spindle, and mutilate things all over the place to get the right concepts. So, I'd be totally happy if you put it in terms of another system. Or generic terms like "get a reward when" or "have an advantage when", or whatever.
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