GothCon - Anyone Attending?

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GothCon is coming up this weekend (21-23 March). It's an rpg convention in Gothenburg, Sweden. Any of you guys attending? I don't feel like going alone :(
As far as I can see they have an ''indie room'' where they're planning to play DitV, Polaris, Panty Explosion, Bliss Stage and some other stuff.


  • I'm not going. I was involved with the indie room a couple of years ago, but not so anymore. The guys running the room are a friendly bunch, and I'm sure you'll find a game or they'll help you.

    If you go, do check out Jonas Ferry's One Can Have Her and Peter Nordstrand's game in development, While We Were Fighting, if you get the chance. I believe that OCHH are amongst the scheduled games, and Peter will be there to run his game on Friday.
  • Now I really want to go but I don't know anyone there damnit!(oh and the tickets are expensive.)
  • I wish! GothCon was my first con experience and an introduction to so many cool things that'd come to permeate my gaming life... but sadly I haven't been anywhere near Sweden during con season for a decade now.

    If it helps you make up your mind, I didn't go with anyone I knew the first time I attended GothCon either. I met a lot of cool people that way! And money - pah, I say! Food and shelter is overrated.

    Go! Shoo, shoo! :)
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