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Not sure what this says about me as a GM, but I was planning on starting my game by rolling for names, then having them "awaken" in Blue City. They know the following:
1. You are in a place called Blue City.
2. You are an operative of some intelligence or law-enforcement agency.
3. Your mission is to apprehend someone named Harvey Petersen.

Anyone else tried the blind insert? (FWIW, I was thinking there was a malfunction during insertion, but once Control learns that everyone is "okay" they allow the mission to continue.)


  • haven't tried it

    but I'm curious about what you're aiming for with this
  • If the players have played Lacuna before, it could be rough as players try to figure out how to play dumb.

    If the players haven't played Lacuna before, it could be rough as players try to figure out what the heck to do when they find Harvey.

    I'm curious to hear what happens.
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    That sounds cool. I imagine it'd work well. Tell us how it goes.

  • Players are unfamiliar with Lacuna. After they "awaken" but before any conflict, I plan on doing a flashback to a briefing room. At this point they assign abilities, pick a talent, and roll for mentor. Still no real background on what Blue City is. I think the flashback would be brought on by Control contacting them and informing that although there appears to have been a glitch at insertion, they are to continue with their mission. I am going for a Dark City/Matrix vibe where players don't comprehend the true nature of the world in the first act.
  • Personally I love acting the role of Control and starting the game as soon as the players show up, by calling them Agent #1, #2, etc. until they have established their pseudonyms. I totally force them turn of cell phones and any other electrical equipment, plus they're forced to use Control's (i.e. my) dice until they've graduated Agent training and are put on the slab. However, go with your instincts, play it the way you suggest, but please let us know how it worked out.

    Oh, you might not be aware, but you are already playing...
  • Mel White posted an actual play recording of a game here, where the GM throws the players right into it, IIRC.

    I pulled the same trick myself, and I'll probably do it again, as it worked pretty well.
  • I was going to say, that's exactly how our game started! Players and agents knew that the characters had been 'inserted' although we weren't exactly sure of the process. There was some sort of rough insertion but otherwise we were physically all right. Having all seen 'the Matrix', we figured it was something like a mental transference. We soon realized we had no knowledge of what we were supposed to do. So our Agents were completely ignorant of both things going on in the Blue City and things going on back at base. We had to hide this fact from Control because we believed Control would do bad stuff to us if they knew...
    I really enjoyed the 'blind' opening. I have a real sense of exploration and discovery going on as the game continues. Plus, I think the players have a sense that anything is possible--we don't know what the limits are, so we are pushing things. And, because we don't know exactly how things work, we wound up killing the guy we were supposed to help in the Blue City. Oops!
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