[Stabbing Contest] episode 010

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GeekGirlsRule, Johnzo, newbie gamer kevin, and I talk after a game of cyberpunk played with the Bridge System (formerly two-die).


  • Hey Clint, I'm glad to hear a new episode's out, but iTunes have been saying that there's a download problem with Stabbing Contest for several days now. Have you changed feeds?
  • Yoki, it downloaded fine today on my iTunes.
  • Haven't changed feeds. Anyone else experiencing itunes problems? I don't use it because i have the hate for it, so any problems escape my radar.
  • I'm using iTunes and didn't have a problem.

    Good show, nice and tight.
  • iTunes is still refusing to download it on my end, but it's the same with a lot of other gaming podcasts for some reason, while others work fine. Dang iTunes can be so darn annoying!

    Could someone recommend a better podcast aggregator?
  • Huh, I can actually not reach libsyn.com at all, that's the issue. Tried pinging it, but it's unable to resolve, not sure what's up. I can't tracert, because my computer seems to think libsyn.com just doesn't exist...
  • If you're looking to lose itunes, I've heard good things about Juice.
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