[OrcCon 2008] SoCal folks, can someone help me with a favor?

Hey guys!

So, Saturday at 8pm [edit: context is handy. Saturday, the 16th, at OrcCon in LA] I'm running a Dead of Night game, "The Horror Within Anaheim!" Here's the description:
The characters take a vacation to Disneyland to retreat from the daily grind and spend some time with their families. But something lurks in the happiest place on Earth, something that craves human flesh...

In year past, I've run this as a GURPS game at GenCon SoCal in Anaheim. The tourism office was really close to the convention center, so I was always able to quickly grab a dozen Disneyland brochures that had maps of the park in them. But since that's not the case for OrcCon, I don't have easy access to maps (or, at least I'm unaware of one). I have heard that I could order some, but this is pretty short notice at this point for anything mail-oriented, so I wouldn't expect them to arrive in time.

Could I impose upon someone in the area and going to OrcCon to help a guy out? The game just *pops* when people physically play with the maps. I realize it's no small thing I'm asking for, so if you're willing, let me know what I could do for you in exchange.



  • That is an absolutely superb idea. I hope it goes well.

    Andrew will be chuffed you're running Dead of Night at GenCon SoCal.

  • Posted By: Graham WAndrew will be chuffed you're running Dead of Night at GenCon SoCal.
    At OrcCon. GenCon SoCal is, sadly, dead.*

    Actually, I think I have you among others to thank for that, since you chimed in on my "hey, I need a horror game" thread a bit ago.

    (*A thread involving a horror game...a comment that an event is dead...somehow we can tie this together...)
  • Ryan, that's literally down the street for me. I'll hook you up.
  • You are the fucking man, Josh. Thanks!
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