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So, at Dreamation, Clinton had these fantastic tokens. Slightly metallic plastic, the size of a quarter. They were really cool and when I asked where he got them, he said you were the source. So given that, what were they, and are they something that can be gotten outside of strange foreign lands?

-Rob D.


  • Andy uses an obscure alchemical process to create these chips. The primary component is fresh baby tongues.
  • So, my best friend worked in Chapel Hill's Andromeda Consulting for a few years from IIRC 1998-2000 or so before moving to DC (and he still does sessions for them). Basically, they have one gig: This "Income/Outcome" simulation game, which is both pretty fun and highly educational. They sell sessions to companies for middle-management types who lost touch with what they're doing in the big picture of things. It's like a German boardgame with teeth.

    In that game, they use those colored metallic chips to symbolize resources, money, economic and other elements. Nikolai happened to have a few dozen of these laying around his house when I visited him from Japan one year, so he gave them to me. I thought they were awesome and a really cool RPG resource. Unfortunately, IIRC they originally cost (for Andromeda) roughly a dollar per coin: And these weren't minted or anything! They're just really rock-solid metallic-based colored tokens! But yeah, really expensive. And I don't know where they get them from, unfortunately. I ended up not finding a use for them that I couldn't do with poker chips, so I gave away all my tokens to Clinton, and use poker chips for all my games.

    Quick side note, though: Steffan O'Sullivan, creator of FUDGE, used to work for Adromeda with my friend Nikolai. I think even after he moved back to the northeast he still does consulting sessions for them from time to time, perhaps even today. Nikolai really spoke highly of his l33t facilitation skills, which basically employ 99.5% of the skills required to be an RPG Game Master. Anyway, if you ever run into Steffan, and because of the FUDGE connection you're likely to, see if he happens to have any of those tokens: He might have half a bucket sitting around somewhere. He might even know where they're originally made.

  • Rock! Even if they're not something that can be found, that's a hell of a story, which is definitely the next best thing. Thanks!

    -Rob D.
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