Seattle SG Meet-up: THURSDAY Jan 31 2008

Time for another meet up!

When: Thursday, January 31. 6:30 PM.

Where: The District Lounge in the Hotel Deca. University District.
4507 Brooklyn Ave NE


The District has a second room that is usually empty, so I'm thinking we can take it over and spread out and mingle a bit more. I want to talk to the people from the other end of the table!

I'll bring Wicked again in case we feel all gamey.


  • Ogre and i will be there.
  • Hell, yes, we will.
  • I will be there thanks
  • Sadly, a little bit out of driving distance for a Thursday night :)
  • I think I will be there, but like last time I have plans to attend a show that night and this time I'm not missing it!
  • What show, Phil?
  • Good bill. I can see why you wouldn't want to miss it.
  • I have a regular game night on Thursdays, so I'll only be able to make it if that gets canceled (which happens, maybe 25% of the time).
  • It's my last night in town, and I will be spending it with my sweetheart.

  • Crap. This looks like a very cool gt, but I have a family obligation to go to...

    Have fun!
  • Posted By: Ben LehmanIt's my last night in town, and I will be spending it with my sweetheart.
    So... that's not us? I mean, just double-checking.

    I'm in, meet the other end of the table, etc.

    Mr Harper, remind me to convey message to you from my Agon players. It reads "waaaaah!"
  • I should be there as well.
  • Cool. This should be fun.

    Depending on how busy they are, we might set up in the "other" room across from the bar. So peek in there if you don't see us in the main room.
  • I am going to try. I had a slight relapse of the Plague, and wound up going home and going straight to bed last night and the night before.
  • ...aaaaannnd, I am going to miss the show after all, because I didn't get a ticket as I meant to and it's sold out as I expected it would. So, I guess I won't be rushing out early from our meet-up tonight.
  • edited January 2008
    Crap! We have another meetup that night. :-( I mean, tonight.
  • Hey -

    Wanted to thank everyone tonight - I had a great time, good to meet more of you all this time around....see you all the next time around....or maybe sooner....
  • Yeah, I'm glad I ended up being able to come after all. It was cool talking with everyone.
  • It was good to meet Andrew and Ogre and Micky and Elizabeth, and to talk to Lucas and John again. See you all again...
  • That was great fun. So many good conversations were had. It's a pleasure getting to know you all. I hope the meetup mojo continues.
  • Things I learned at the meetup:

    - You only think you know why your players went to Zanzibar.
    - Some people have issues with talking bears. Serious issues.
    - A hot toddy is not the same as a hot buttered rum. Totally different.

    Seriously though, lots of good conversation. The gaming discussions delved into some very interesting territory -- I joke about Zanzibar and the bears because it sounds funny out of context but both hinged on important issues of gaming (GM-player communication or miscommunication & how deceptively broad "being on the same page" can be, respectively). Very good stuff.

    As for the hot toddy: no, no gaming relevance there. But tasty.

    Looking forward to the next one.
  • I had an excellent time too. We should do the next one soon.
  • Well, clearly the next one ought to be scheduled for Saturday the 9th, as I've got plans to go see a show that night...
  • That made me smirk.
  • That made me laugh careful they may do it and another show will get sold out....
  • Ha ha, I have beat you all to it! I've already bought my tickets for the show!
  • Well played, Phil. Well played.
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