[Bliss Stage] Status of the Development?

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It's been a while since we've heard from Ben. Does anyone know what's up with Bliss Stage?


  • Hi!

    Bliss Stage Acceleration Stage is a lot longer and more complicated a project than initially anticipated. It'll be a while before it's out.

    Once Ignition Stage sells out, there'll be an Interim Stage PDF, which I'll update from time to time with the new revisions. That'll last until Acceleration, hopefully.

  • What's changing between editions, Ben? What's the longer and more complicated bit?
  • Rules modules: One for online play, and one for tactical play, both of which are basically total rewrites of the rules, and thus need their own playtesting.

  • Ahhhhh. I can't object at all to that. If you need a playtester for the online module, I've been itching to run something and the BS game I ran at Anime Weekend Atlanta went over fantastically. I'd love to have more of that action.

    As one of the early neophillic pre-orderers, Bliss Stage: Ignition is sort of lodged permenantly in my portable gaming bag; the form factor plus the innate coolness is awesome.

  • Is there a place where I could read more about the various Stages (like, why the Stages at all)? I loved the game from the playtest at Gen Con and I never got the impression that it was part 1 of something larger, or (implied from a comment by Fred Hicks) a "put this out now and eventually put out a more pretty version."
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