IAWA Oracles using Know Thyself cards

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Okay, perhaps this is a little arrogant of me to think it's a neat idea, since it uses my own Know Thyself ashcan cards, but it occurred to me that they might be really neat as a second layer in an Oracle. Not own their one -- I think still in conjunction with looking up an Oracle, mad-libs style.

For instance, say I'm looking at the Oracle of Blood & Sex, and I draw the 9 of Spades. Right now, it says "The deathbed curse of a betrayed queen." But maybe instead it says "The deathbed curse of a queen" or "The deathbed curse of a betrayed " or some other variation. Then you draw another card to and look on the right part of that card to see what to fill in -- like maybe you draw the 3 of Hearts, and get either "Cowboy" or "Peaceful" (adjective of "Peace" on the card).

Does that make sense? "The deathbed curse of a betrayed cowboy." "The deathbed curse of a peaceful queen." Maybe, maybe not. I do think that adding more than one mad-lib element to an oracle entry may make it too chaotic.

Anyway, I'm not saying the idea is perfect, but given that I have this neat little card set and am always looking for more ways to use it, I thought about this. How might you use it? If need by, change how my cards work. Change that bottom bottle part from being dots to something else -- I know I will once this gets to revision and I know what that is. Play around with it.

Here's hoping I'm not the only one to chime in on this idea. :)


  • This is interesting, Ryan. I think too mad-libby can be bad for an oracle, but it's definitely worth trying out. I'll grab my KT cards and see for myself!
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