[Dreamation] The Power of Breakfast

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So, given the pattern of past Dreamations, I'm planting a flag.

I will be having breakfast in the hotel, apparently at Le Cafe Metro, every morning at 8. I realize it's a time slot that threatens to turn some to stone, but breakfast is an important part of my Dreamation/Dexcon ritual, and on those occasions when someone else is hitting the coffee at the same time, the conversations have always been enjoyable. As such, I make mention of this time, and I would welcome the opportunity to talk with anyone at all during this window.

-Rob D.


  • If I recover from being on West Coast time, I would be very happy to join you. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day -- especially in a convention environment.
  • I'm going to try to do the same!
  • Hmm... 1/3 of an evil hat, a master planner, and the guy I heard say "I hope I don't shoot my dad a second time" at the Dogs game last year. It sounds dangerous, but the power of breakfast is strong. I'll hit some coffee with or nearby. :)
  • See you there, Rob.
  • In order to talk to Rob Donoghue, seeing 8 am is a small price to pay.
  • I may make breakfast on some of the days, but I'm aiming at least two of the midnight to 4 AM timeslots, so it could be... tricky.

  • I tend to only sleep three hours or less at conventions so it's quite possible I'll already be there.
  • I hope they have really big tables.
  • Lets form rival breakfast cliques and have grudges.
  • Posted By: Jason MorningstarLets form rival breakfast cliques and have grudges.
    Your breakfast habits from a young age have damaged your taste buds. You keep eating things that are too hot and scald your receptors.
  • Don and I will likely be joining the breakfast crowd. We both have 9am games most days and I need coffee in the morning.

    By the way, if this evolves into The Breakfast Club - I call dibs on Allison.
  • Flip you, old man!
  • At 8, I'll probably be at my table grumpily muttering and clutching a thermos. But this sounds like a grand idea! If we can make it work, we'll try to stop by at least once.
  • I was usually up and wandering the halls around that time last year. I'll probably join everyone.
  • Maybe we should warn the resturant :)
  • Well, I figure it will be a bit of an adventure, in that I have never been inside this restaurant. If we were in the usual hotel, It would be a simple matter to arrange, but given the new location, I think there shall be a bit of improvising. I can certainly think of worse things than a lot of us showing up.

    -Rob D.
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