What exactly is an ashcan?

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So, apparently looking over my own thread about my Ashcan Confessional and in conversations elsewhere, I'm finding that the word "ashcan" seems to almost as many definitions as people who talk about it. (That shouldn't be a surprise, but still...) So, I'd like to try an experiment, and so it's clear what I'm looking for, I'll use the blockquote thing the kids are crazy about:
Whisper to me in this thread your answer to this question: What is an "ashcan" game?
Also, let me know if I have your permission to repost your comment once this part of the experiment is over. If not, that's totally cool, and I still would love to get your opinion. Edit: Please let me know one way or the other, though, so I don't have to whisper back asking you.
I'm looking for whispered comments because if the Internet has taught us anything, it's that an open discussion about asking for opinions results in other people arguing over those opinions to the point of starting up a flame war, all the while the OP is getting frustrated that progress isn't being made. I want comments with as little additional bias as possible, so that I might better see where various folks stand. If you're not interested in whispering your opinion to me, I ask that you hold off for now and wait until the next part of the experiment.

To be clear: I don't care if you agree or disagree with anything I've had to say about ashcans or my own ashcan -- I'm just looking for your opinion. While this might be a touchy subject for some, I'll do my best to keep it from getting heated on my end. (Which, again, is why the whispering.)

Thank you!


  • Sweet! I have half a dozen responses so far. I'm still looking for more, but I want to add one additional request (which I'll edit in the OP): Please let me know if I have your permission to post your response out-of-whisper once this part of the experiment is done. That'll save me from asking every single responder for that. Thanks!

    (For those who have already posted, if that's cool with you, you need only to edit your answer. I don't need an additional whisper on it.)
  • I'm now at a dozen responses. I'd ideally like around double that before I go any further, and since the only posts folks see are mine, I figured I'd bump this up.

    Thank you to everyone who has responded thus far.
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    Thanks, Filip!

    I'm going to leave this up for another day, and then I'm going to post a follow-up as a different thread. In that thread, I think I'm going to re-post comments I received anonymously -- at least, those that I have been given permission to do. The intent is to continue this experiment without introducing any more bias than I have to. I came to this idea yesterday, and I figured I'd mention it in case that changed how people feel about me posting their reply one way or the other.

    Thank you all again! Keep 'em coming!
  • Don't keep me in suspense for too long - I really want to know at what point a game becomes something to show to other people. Mine are all just written on scraps on paper and RAM at the moment, I'd like to know how much work I have to do to wave it at people and say "Look, a game for you to play!"
  • Posted By: ShevaunI really want to know at what point a game becomes something to show to other people.
    Heh, that's a completely different question. :) Someone like me would say "right now."
  • I'm done with this here. Again, thanks to everyone, and check out the follow-up post at: http://www.story-games.com/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=5362
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