Neverwinter Nights 1 - trial this weekend?

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A few of us were talking about getting a group together for Neverwinter Nights. My Thanksgiving and early December are taken up with final exams, but I thought maybe we'd get the ball rolling with a proof of concept this weekend? If so, how do we go about it? I am ignorant of all things multi-player.


  • I have MACE this coming weekend, so I will not be available. However, if you guys do it, throw down and let me know how it turns out. A second get together would be easier to arrange afterwards.

    Good luck guys!

  • Well, it's not too hard. One of us, me if you want, simply starts a Multi-player Internet game with a name we all know and a password. Everyone goes and looks for the server and logs into it. Then we kill shit and take it's stuff.

  • Okay - what about Saturday, sometime in the early afternoon Eastern? like 2 PM for just a little bit? Does that work for interested parties?
  • Let me check with the boss... ie the wife... and let you know. I don't *think* I have anything on Saturday afternoon.

  • I should be good for Saturday early afternoon. Anyone else a go?

  • I work Saturday, so I'm out. But, I'm buying and installing it after work, so I'll be ready for future sessions.
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    I've had NWN for a while now and never been able to play online with anyone that had even half a brain. I'd be willing to try it. If I can't get on in the afternoon tomorrow, I might consider trying to host in the evening? Say 8PM Pacific?
  • Mike, I can't promise how many brains I've got left, but it's worth a shot. My goal on 11/17 is just to demonstrate to myself that I know how to connect to this thing and communicate with others; setting a public deadline about it just gets me off my butt to ensure it will happen. I'd be too busy to play regularly until another month or so, so if that's what you're fretting over, don't worry about it. Unless Gaerik and Andy and whoever else really wants to get going right away....
  • Cool! I guess I should check back here for the server name and password, for the 2PM game?

    If I host tomorrow night at 8PM I'll post the necessary info in this thread about 10 mins before kickoff.
  • Is it necessary to have Gamespy Arcade installed for this to work?
  • yes, I believe it is necessary.
  • Okay. I'm going to call the server "StoryGames". The password will be "ikillyou". I'll have it up and running by 1:30pm and will keep it up for several hours. I will be using the Shadows of Undrentide campaign module for this first session.

  • Gah! I might be a little late getting the server up. I was using some hacked CD-Keys from a friend because I had lost mine. They worked fine but won't let you play online. So, I went and bought a new copy of the Diamond edition and reinstalled it. However, a snafu at the printer landed me with a copy that had the same key for all the expansions and now my game won't work at all. I'm having to run and get another copy to get some working keys. I'll be up and running but might not be exactly at 1:30. Hopefully by 2pm.

  • Gaerik - I installed GameSpy, but am having trouble connecting over the Net. When I try "multiplayer" from within NWN, and try to "Join an Internet Game" I'm getting a Gamespy Timeout Error.

    However, it leaves me the option to connect directly. Do you have an IP address for the server that you could either whisper here, or send me via e-mail? (Should be listed in my S-G profile.)
  • Hi Gaerik, I got your message around 3:30 and for some reason it's telling me that it cannot find the server, even when I try to use the Direct Connect option.

    I think as a proof-of-concept test, this at least indicates that I've got several possible issues to work through - namely, getting gamespy arcade to work, getting NWN to connect to game spy, and getting through to a specified server.
  • Check out the Games forum at, there's some nerds there who can help you with this. They typically have servers up for pretty much every game under the sun with idiot-proof instructions on how to do it.
  • For anyone coming in at 8PM PST, the server name is "StoryGames" and the password is "goplay"

    Unless you want to just roll with the basic module in the game, I will have this module opened up:

    Return to Ravenloft

    If that doesn't work for you, we can try this one:

    Song of Ice and Fire
  • Mike, i'll try to give it a go, but I have to warn you that I'm having some weird technical problems today. I hope I don't disappoint.
  • No one showed so I signed off. If anyone tries again, I'll try to join in!
  • Hmmm. Sorry for not responding much earlier but I got sick on Sunday and still wasn't feeling well yesterday.

    Another buddy of mine also had trouble connecting to Game Spy. I'm not sure why. The only way he was able to connect to me was to come over to the house and set up on the LAN there. I connected to Game Spy fine. Not sure what the issue is/was.

  • I have installed NWN 1 Diamond edition and I even installed new RAM to help it run on my crappy laptop. I'll be out of town during Thanksgiving, but I should be available the next weekend. When can we give it another go?
  • Hey all: Sorry the last test was crappy, but hopefully as a test it pointed out things to make it work better next time.

    As for me, if someone racks it up this weekend, I'll be free pretty much any time for at least a few hours.

  • I'm glad we tested it this weekend, because it at least managed to highlight a couple of technical issues. I'm not sure which of them are due to my computer, Game Spy, goofy internet connections, or what, but I'll be willing to give it a go some time in the near future. My exam schedule is kind of brutal but after mid-December I'm free.
  • We used to have trouble with Gamespy, too. In the end we always used to use the Direct Connect option through the game menu, if that's any help.
  • I think the Direct Connect option might have been my fault. I have a Router and a Firewall on my network. I set those up to allow connections to my NWN server but I might have screwed something up. I'll double check to make sure.

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