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Is there a game about hostage situations? I'm imagining something like DitV in that game prep would involve setting up some sort of model of the situation and turning the negotiators loose to deal with it. Does it already exist?


  • The closest thing I can think of is Mexican Standoff, which isn't really what you're talking about. Are you percolating a game and looking to see if that vein has been tapped already, or are you looking for a system to run a story idea for a group?
  • I figure it's only a matter of time before someone mentions Hostage!, so let me be the first. I hoped to get some of the Jeepform guys to discuss it over on the How to Jeep thread, but nothing came of it.
  • Hmmm. Hostage! looks pretty cool, I may have to give that a shot.

    Ben, I'm mostly percolating. What I'm thinking about is an episodic/one shot kind of game where one player (sort of the "GM") preps a hostage taker (psychological makeup, motivations, demands). The other players play the Crisis Response Team - negotiators, profilers, the SWAT team. If you wanted to play more than one event, the players could rotate creating the personality of the hostage taker.

    I think it will lean toward task resolution rather than conflict resolution, since nearly everyone will be on the same side. However, since the game is mostly episodic, there won't be a huge need for character advancement or even effectiveness stats - the Crisis Response Team are all assumed to be very good at what they do. (These may come into play more for the hostage taker, I guess.)

    I'm also thinking that there may be some sort of randomized environmental factors that may crop up at various times during play. It probably won't need to be a huge rule set, since most of the action will take place through talking. Anyway, it's a bit different than Hostage! in that rather than having the GM play the negotiator, the players do the negotiating.
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