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So, a few months ago, Joshua makes some claims regarding supporting sim (How best to support Sim), and it quickly became about whether or not James Bond (the game) supported James Bond sim (and was moved over to here: James Bond 007 gaming), and Mike tossed out the term Genre Sim, which seemed to define what Joshua was talking about, and when I read it, got me all excited because genre sim sounded awesome.

Fast forward to nowish. I have a friend who's going to be reviewing Dirty Secrets and he wants to play it once to get a feel for it first. So I sign up to play. In prep, since I don't have the book and can't learn the rules, I watch some noir films. I was a bit focused on the crime commiting noir (think Sunset Blvd. and Double Indemnity) as opposed to the crime solving noir, so Seth recommends Brick and Chinatown. I watch both of them. Note, for the record, I like neither of them, but they are both excellent portrayals of crime solving noir (which I've seen in other films, the most recent being The Third Man) in the sense that they have all the standard elements one would expect to see in those types of stories (betrayal, lies, murder, hidden agendas, plot twists).

Now, this isn't an actual play (although I will probably post one), so I'll just say that we ended up with a crime solving noir story that hit all the elements I would expect in such a story (that was astoundingly fun to play considering my extremely high hopes for the game) and I'm wondering is Dirty Secrets what people think of when they think of genre sim (this question is not directed at Joshua Newman and Mike Holmes, but I am thinking of them when I ask the question)? And what are the (other) games that aim for (or better yet, hit) genre sim?
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