International pleas for translation: "Translate my favorite game to English"

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Matthijs, I'm grateful for your inspiring people to translate their games to reach wider audiences. Especially the Danish scene could use a little input there -- taking the time to re-do a game, in English, that is a serious investment of effort that you don't undertake lightly. You need to believe in the game enough to warrant this extravagance.

So, to make sure that there is love on the other side of that chasm of work, let's collectively cheer on our international writers to translate their work to some current tongue in vogue, like say British English.

With further ado: Add the title and author of a game you want translated to this thread, to add peer pressure and authorial hopes of social rewards.


  • I want Mikkel Bækgaard to translate "Kongemord". It's a game of Shakespearian tragedy, inspired by several plays. It is "systemless" in the Danish sense - which means there are lots of instructions and guidelines, but no dice mechanics. Guidelines are based on theatre, and describe how to use solliloquies, dramatic irony, the fates of the characters, the rule that "important objects must be properly introduced, and, once introduced, must be used during the game", the unity of time and place, the five-act drama and its requirements, etc.

    And I want Jakob Schmidt-Madsen to translate "Højt Under Solen". Based on Commedia Dell'Arte, each player plays a mask - an archetypical character from Italian drama/comedy, such as Pantalone, Il Dottore etc. While in real Commedia Dell'Arte these masks each had a "lazzi", a schtick such as fast babbling, humorous eroticism etc, in "Højt under Solen" the lazzi are specific instructions to the player about sub-plots/scenes he/she can activate. There's no GM, and the scenes are not read beforehand - it's a pick-up-and-play game/scenario.
  • Speaking of interesting non-English games, did Judenrat ever get finished? Fascinating, disturbing idea for a game.
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    Judenrat isn't finished yet. I'm having trouble with it.
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