Were year's Game Chef entries put onto 1km1kt.net?

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I recall that it was said during the Game Chef that the entries would show up on 1km1kt.net, but they don't appear there as far as I can tell. My game isn't, and the Game Chef tab only collects 2005 and 2006. Why aren't they there? Am I missing something?

(I'm also not sure which category this question goes in, so it gets the generic "Games and Gaming" setting.)


  • You could ask Keeton at 1km1kt. He's very nice. (The site is really hard to use)
  • Ah, yeah sorry: I was working with Keeton to archive them, but it turned out that there were just too many to work with for him (considering he's doing all this work for free).

    What you can do is this: The thread with the submissions is still there, why not put your game over there on 1km1kt yourself (there's an upload link off the front page).

    Sorry about the lack of info or traction on that.

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