[ConNooga] Anyone want to get an indie block going?

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Well since the Go Play Southeast thread seemed to reveal a bunch of gamers down this way, I thought I'd pimp ConNooga Con in Chattanooga, TN on Feb 22nd - 24th 2008. Its a new con so I can only speak to the enthusiasm of the people running but they want to make the gaming area the focal point of the con and are open to variety in said gaming. I'm bringing along Burning Wheel and Dogs in the Vineyard to give a taste of the indie scene but I'm hardly an indie game explosion on my own. Anybody else in the area interested in coming along?

They've got a large ballroom set aside for the gaming area and you get to choose where you would run so the dream is to take over a corner for Storygame type stuff if there is interest. Their game schedule on their forum is currently pretty empty but they claim those slots will fill up any minute now once more guests confirm their schedule and their Dragon Con recruiting drive snares more people.

Here's the link to the con site: http://www.connooga.com/index.html

Hope to see some of you there!


  • Heh, Sean Fannon. Haven't seen him in *years*.
  • This seems very doable for me. I'm sure some other folks in the north Alabama Gamesta Collective would be interested in making the pilgrimage as well, especially if there's a S-G corner.

  • As someone who lives in the host city, I would be more than interested in going.
  • Well my Burning Wheel games are up on their gaming schedule. Here's hoping to see a bunch of you there.
  • It sounds like fun...it'd be fun to play wit Joshua again, and see whose head comes off this time.
  • I'm definitely interested. I'll have to see what I'm up to at the beginning of next year.

  • Well its probably way too late to raise this thread from the dead, but I was wondering if anyone did end up deciding to attend this con and spread a little indie love about the place.
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