[Go Play NW] Photo Thread

Those of you running around GPNW with cameras, post your photos (or link to your gallery/post) here!


  • I demand to see Too Much Metal For 49 Hands!

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    Pony Hospital - PTA
  • A painfully bad camera phone picture of John Harper and Clinton Nixon at the Elysium Brewery Company. My only defense was that Clinton and I had polished off a pitcher of tasty Hefeweizen and my steadiness was off "a bit".
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    (photo by Brandon)
  • This is Burning Wheel: The Gift


    There's more on my website. All from Saturday, alas; I left the camera in the bag on Sunday and concentrated on the gaming.
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    I hope this link stays. If not, I will repost.

    Find a selection of the better ones on at my Flikr Account.
  • DUDE!

    That is some new alloy of awesome and metal that hasn't been discovered until now. Thank you so much!
  • All of the Sea Dracula originals are up on my Flikr Account now.

    A number of others are up as well. I still have about 18 to edit and post.
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