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Hey all, this is an experiment that will last only one day. Just messing with the category colors in an attempt to learn more about color associations with Vanilla. None of these changes are permanent or will stick. Tomorrow (or later today) you will see everything in your normal color view.



  • Holy crap my head hurts. Need to find more pastel color codes...
  • heh... the title of the thread is pretty much what passed through my coffee-needing brain the moment the page loaded :)
  • Thank God for Pastels.

    Anyway, what I've done is just changed it so that threads have their own color coding based on category. I'll edit it in a few hours.

  • hey, pastels are much much better: this version (or something like this) could well stay, imo.
  • Interesting: It only has two schema: "No posts read", or "some/all posts read". Not too helpful.

  • This is why I'm running a user-defined CSS for the site. Oog.
  • Ooooh... I rather like the pastels. :)
  • ZOMG

    You should make unread posts blink while you're at it, Andy.
  • Scanning through a second time, the pastels are so close to the white that I can't tell which threads I've already read. :( Perhaps make the text-link a bit smaller on the read threads?
  • This is interesting, but I would very much like to be able to easily tell whether there are new posts on a thread I was already reading at a glance.
  • OK: Step 2 (of three): I'm going to group the categories into three or so supergroups.

  • You mean it's not the pills? It was Andy ALL ALONG????
  • Step 3 (of three): Seperating the categories into two supergroups.
  • Experiment over. Too bad there's not a seperation of "completely read threads" with "new post in thread" in the extension...
  • The other feature I would have liked is the ability to clear one thread from your "read" list.
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