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I'm doing a series of three custom character sheets for Spirit of the Century. Here's the first one, designed with a sort of retro sci-fi style:


Click the link for the PDF.


  • Wow.

    More. Please.
  • This would also make a great character sheet for my some-day Spirit of the TARDIS game.
  • I second the 'Wow'. That is very cool. I can't wait to see the others.
  • That is really good. Wonderful aesthetic and very usable. Bravo.

    On some of your next masterpieces, I'd love to see "FATE" rather than "Spirit of the Century" if you're so inclined. Seems like a few dozen of us are using SotC in some other setting as we wait patiently for FATE 3.0. Perhaps a generic Fantasy, Noir, or Horror take?
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    I'm glad you folks like it. I'll try to finish the other two this week.

    Matthew: I made a version of the sheet without the game title for ya.

    EDIT: And I made a Spirit of the Tardis version for John, too. :-)
  • Toss in another vote for "AWESOME!" :O
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    Mr. Harper, you are like unto a god. You and the EvilHat crew need to partner up for the eventual FATE3 core release.

    EDIT: What are you using for these designs? Illustrator?
  • Very cute. I like!
  • Mark: Yep, Illustrator. I sometimes use InDesign for sheets, but this one really needed Illo's polar grid tool to get started. :-)
  • Polar grid tool (trembles)

    I had no idea. That sheet looks great.
  • John, you are a beast.
  • Those really should go over on the FateRPG Yahoo Group's file area. Just spectacular!
  • Good idea. They're up there now.
  • John, I was searching for SotC content here and found your cool retro sci-fi character sheet.

    Did you ever finish the other two character sheets you mentioned in this thread? Did you post them anywhere? I didn't see them on the FateRPG Yahoo Group.
  • Keanu Reeves had this to say:

  • I never got the other two to turn out quite right. One of them is kind of a turn-of-the-century look that will be cool if I can ever get a handle on it. The other is 60s Bond super-spy style and is barely started but it's tricky.

    I can't believe this thread is over a year old. Jeez.
  • Posted By: John HarperThe other is 60s Bond super-spy style
    (Compels aspect: Four minutes underwater)

  • Posted By: nemomemeThat isreallygood. Wonderful aesthetic and very usable. Bravo.
    I agree that it's very pretty, but didn't find it very usable. I was running a retro sci-fi game and a search lead me to these sheets on a Yahoo group, and it was very hard to quickly find where things were, and the upside down Aspects were very disconcerting to me and some others at the table, so we ended up going with the standard sheets.

    Though it looks wonderful and despite my own issues, I love seeing themed style character sheets. If I had the second clue on how to make them, I'd try it too (my first clue was when John told me in another thread that he uses InDesign, although Illustrator would work)
  • The Aspects are only upside-down if you write them upside-down. If you are facing the "Spirit of the Century" logo, you can write everything more or less rightside-up. One thing I always found really cool about this sheet is that the title gives you a clue as to how to orient it.
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    Yeah, Jonathan has it. I should flip the words "Aspects" and "Stunts" though, so their baselines are the same as the orientation you write on.
  • Hmm, I'm still confused. And normally I'd drop it for not being my thing, but I want it to be my thing, and if it's a simple misunderstanding.

    So, is the orientation portrait then? Because sideways is okay to read, and with the rules hints being landscape, I assumed that. Although even with portrait, the last two Aspects end up being a little upside down. Of course, when writing, it's not a huge deal, since you can just spin the paper. But referencing handwriting upside down or on edge isn't always easy to read. Aspects and Stunts kind of blend in, which might be compounding it for me.

    Sorry, John, I didn't mean to turn this intro a critique. But if there are improvements that can be made (most explicitly to my brain) that makes it more useful, that's awesome, because I love the style.
  • Well, I mean, is this a problem with the sheet or a problem with your penmanship? It's no one's fault but your own if you can't read words you wrote yourself at any angle you might see them.

  • The orientation is diagonal, from the southeast edge of the circle towards the northwest, if you get my compass reading.
  • Aha. I was wondering if you might have meant that. I'll see if that makes things fall into place for my brain.
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