[Pay to Play] June 2007: Amnesty Int'l

Pay to Play is a new concept I have for charity fundraising.

The idea is simple. We all play RPGs, but we don't pay for the game sessions in the way we might pay for a movie ticket or a concert pass. But we all know that an RPG session can be much more rewarding than other activities. When you participate in Pay to Play, you do pay for your game sessions, by donating $5 to the charity of the month for each game session you play.

The charity for June 2007 is Amnesty International. Just click on their name to donate.

When you participate in Pay to Play, post in this thread with the following info:
  • Your name
  • Number of game sessions played during the month
  • Total donation amount (game sessions x $5)
  • RPG titles played
  • Any notes or comments you may have
Thanks! I hope we can band together in our gaming and raise a lot of money for a good cause. As an added incentive, the person who plays the most gets to choose the next charity.

Go play!


  • Now that's a great idea! I'm in!
  • edited June 2007
    Graham Walmsley
    Four (estimated in advance)
    $20 donated
    PARANOIA XP, Darker, probably one more

    Notes and comments:

    Could we make $5 a recommended amount, not a fixed level? Not everybody earns the same so, if someone has played four times but only donates $10, that's OK by me.

    I think this idea is great. Amnesty's a great charity.

  • That's a good idea, Graham. $5 is the recommended amount.

    I do want to be strict about donating for actual play, though. This whole thing is partly to encourage play as well as to raise some money.

    So only donate for game sessions that you actually play. If you want to give more, play more!
  • OK, I'll make sure I play four sessions by the end of the month. I'll forget to donate if I don't do it now.

  • Synchronicity! I just got a solicitation from Amnesty Int'l today in the mail. So yeah, count me in.
  • Okay, here's the count:

    Mon 6/4: Heroquest Exodus-II (season finale!)
    Tue 6/5: WFRP
    Mon 6/11: Wushu Roanoke (season finale!)
    GPNW: Blood & Bronze, Beast Hunters, Kin, Dogs, TSOY, T&T

    So that's $45 for Amnesty.
  • Here's mine:

    Principia playtests (x2)
    Danger Patrol playtests (x3)
    Weekly Spirit of the Century game (x3)
    Go Play NW: Burning Wheel, Blood & Bronze, Tunnels & Trolls

    Total: 11 games, $55.
  • mountain witch, puppetland, sons of liberty

    = 3 games, $15 donated
  • That's $135 raised for Amnesty so far. Awesome.

    Anyone else contributing for June?
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