My artwork(Will work for food)

Hi there. I'm relatively new here(been lurking for a while though), but my first thread isn't about my game, but about my artwork. I see alot of good games been developed(here and on the Forge) and I feel that alot of them could benefit by some nice art/design. So I'm interested in helping out either with art or with anything design related(graphic design, layout, posters, flyers).

Some of my art is here:

It only shows a few of my art pieces, no design stuff, but I can provide some if anyone is interested.
Oh and this isn't an ad, I'll be doing this for free of course.
Hope I'm not breaking any rules or anything, thanks for reading!


Edit: Edited the title, for clarification. Also, appaled by the fact noone wants free stuff!


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  • Creepy + Awesome = Your Art

    Bump. Folks should check this out. This type of stylized work is really unique.
  • Nice stuff.

    My first freelance art job was doing illustrations for John Harper. Since then I've done art on a shit load of games, but I've found my best experiences have been working with people from here or on the forge.

    Good luck!

  • My style is more or less based on existing photographs. I use those to paint over them in photoshop. Since they're not sketches, it's impossible to do it in black and white. I mean you can make them black and white but it doesn't work for all the pieces(the lack of colour makes them look bland and flat.). I will try though and we'll see how it goes.
    I'll start on something today.
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  • A couple of copies would be nice. Normal credits will do, name and my studio name, Bloodsong Media.
    But let's just see how the art works out first eh? :P
  • I don't want free art because, end of the day, everyone needs to eat/score drugs/buy the latest console (delate as appropriate). But on the other hand, we have only my not-deep pockets :) so be gentle. :)

    I like your stuff a lot. We're currently starting the writing of the the 3rd Ed of one of our games and some other work too. Drop me an email and/or have a look at some of the stuff on our site ( and let's see what we can do.
  • "No Dice", "Primal Eve" and "Junkie's Lament" are all fabulous. As a sample illustration, consider one of the following:

    • The 23rd Letter - Picture a lone man, psychic but hard to show that in an image, looks desperate and unwell, shadowed by three to four dark figures. Add distortion as "psychic static". This is a lone psychic hunted down by Psychotics, psychic insane murderers "built" by psychic conditioning.

    • Qabal - A magician considers his latest work, a sigil/vever, written in thick black marker upon the floor which is entrapping an invisible entity which can only be "seen" because of the whorls and eddies in the smoke from incense burners. His trappings are not "hermetic" but his sword a kitchen knife, his cup a cracked mug, his stave a fire poker and his coins just loose change. His apartment a mess. His body shows the scars of past encounters, the claws of invisible, intangible enemies.

    • Viride (possibly the least clear) - with a backdrop of a smoothly hewn cave, lit by uplighters,a woman stands, pale and drawn, in close-fitting but victorian/edwardian-inspired dress. She is tattoo'ed with flowing patterns (more detail if you want it). Viride is a desert planet, the result of ten thousand years of cultural shifts. Our subject is young, but a responsible lawmaker.

    Ask more and email me if you have more comments. I blogged your site :)
  • Wow, cool art. I like dark and creepy. ^_^

    (Primal Eve rocks my boat.)

    I'm not designing anything, but I've been looking for nice images to use in my personal Wushu core book and/or prtable gaming ressource (Been meaning to post about this here for a while now. Well, maybe tomorrow.), so...

    Well, I can't expect somebody to paint something for free just so I can use it in my customised gamebook. But if I ever actually have money, I know where I'd spend it. ;)
  • Beautiful work, man. I really like the stylized nature of Primal Eve and No Dice.

    I have some interesting ideas around the Film Noir theme I am doing for 'The Naked City'. Give me an email or a whisper if you would like to collaborate.
  • That's very SLA-industries.

    I understand the difficulty. When we were writing the screenplay for the 23rd Letter shorts, we had an awful amount of difficulty in "show don't tell" for psychic powers.

    I'll chat to the guys today :)
  • the art on the front page screams a RPG or awesome movie to me. Dang i love it.
  • Primal Eve is so DRYH to me
  • Posted By: tadkPrimal Eve is so DRYH to me
    So true. This stuff also reminds me of some Mage: the Ascension art, too. That's a great thing, IMHO.
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