[Mexican Standoff] How does it actually play out?

edited February 2007 in Story Games
Like a bunch of people, I grabbed Mexican Standoff at Dreamation based on a combination of curiosity over premise (play quickly for real money!) and low price. I read it after the con and I'm a little puzzled about how it actually plays out, specifically when it gets down to a small number of players, since it seems like the answer is "Roleplay well enough that the other guys let you shoot him."

Someone enlighten me?

-Rob D.


  • Yeah, I think you found the bit of Mexican Standoff that makes it a roleplaying game.
  • Man, I dig my RP, but I must admit, I don't see myself digging it more than cash on the barrel.

    -Rob D.
  • Yeah, that was our interaction with that. There wasn't any time for RP, because there was cash on the table.

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