Who Are You?

Bruce's thread over here prompts me to ask who you are, outside of gaming. I'm particularly interested in the demographic here - I know some of you folks in real life, some of you virtually, some of you by reputation, and some of you not at all. I'll start, and I hope those of you with the inclination will introduce yourself.

I'm Jason Morningstar. I'm 38. I grew up in Michigan and spent a lot of time in Alaska. I was a theater major in college and once wrestled a guy for a mule deer skull in Dolores, Colorado. I'm married to an awesome librarian. I work for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We live in magnificent Durham! Step off, haters! My wife and I both really enjoy travel, particularly to teh Europe, and we're suckers for the weird, tragic, and trashy.


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    Good idea.

    I'm Lisa Provost. I'm 31. I grew up in upstate New York. Part of the time in the Catskills and part of the time in the Adirondacks. I went to college for veterinary medicine but ran out of money in my second year.
    I've won more than one radio contest in my life.
    I'm married to Eric.
    We bought our first house two years ago in Mebane.
    I work at the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
    I taught myself to knit last year and I've been addicted ever since.
    I taught myself HTML last year too and have a knitting blog now.
    I am currently regulated to two mammals of 20 pounds or less. If not for this rule, our house would be overrun with four legged mammals.
    I do believe there are things that can be delightfully tacky.

    Lisa P
  • I'm Eric J. Boyd, 32 and living in Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up in rural Arizona and have spent some time living in Carrboro and Charlotte, North Carolina as well as several years in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I've got a law degree and a masters in Islamic Studies, and I currently work as a tax lawyer. My non-gamer wife is a professional editor and project manager.

    In addition to RPGs, I'm all about European boardgames, reading history, sci-fi, and detective fiction, and watching DVDs of all the great TV I miss since I don't have cable (I love Netflix).
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    This is edited because a lot has changed.

    I am a 42 year-old freelance geek. I have a column on RPG.net and credits in half a dozen games. I have been divorced three times and I live in Florida.
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    Oh, I love these! I get to endlessly reintroduce myself!

    I'm Brand, I'm a 31 year old American ex-pat living in Toronto Canada. Right now I'm writing and doing freelance design/writing work to support myself (about half of it in the game industry, about half of it outside – and let me tell you lawyers pay better than gamers do) until the Ontario College of Teachers decides that my California Teachers Credential is or is not good enough to let me teach here. When I do teach I'm an elementary school teacher, and used to teach 3rd grade after years and years of sub teaching.

    Other than that, I have an MA in Composition and Rhetoric, and a fascination with history, religion, and literature that leads me to consuming vast quantities of books. I often go through obsession phases in which I will learn everything about a specific time, place, or religion -- I've had years long obsessions with Celts, India (including Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism), the wars of the 17th century, central African tribal politics, and hosts of other junk that don't help at all in real life but that make for fascinating game material.

    I'm married to a lovely Mo who is a business analyst for Bell Canada and just happens to have published in half a dozen RPG books of her own. We have no children, and are unlikely to do so at any time in the near future.

    Edit: Oh, I'm Mormon -- if anyone cares. Mo is self-defined non-dualist who believes in a recycle theory of the non-soul. I've also been playing RPGs since I was 5. I add these things because everyone else is now talking about religion and stuff and so I thought I should add it in.
  • I'm Tony Lower-Basch. I'm 35. I, too, grew up in Michigan. Didn't spend much time in Alaska, though.

    I'm married to a research analyst who keeps the entire family afloat (she rocks!) while I do many of the non-money things, including raising our two sons. This lets me do lots of little things for little money, like design games, teach jujitsu, and run the only baby-video editing company I know of that does house calls (thank you world of ever-more-portable computing!)

    I am totally, totally addicted to anime and manga. **But*, I think that most of what people consider "the genre of anime" is, rather, a near-bottom-of-the-barrel collection of pablum that's stupid enough and immature enough to be sold to violence-hungry US male pre-teens. That's sad. There's so much other good stuff out there: like Princess Nine and Kare Kano and Azumanga Daioh. And that's just a few samples in my particular favorite sub-genre, high-school stories.

  • I'm Eric Provost. I'm 31 and I'm currently in North Carolina. I grew up in um... well, saying I grew up in NY is a kind of shorthand... I actually grew up in...

    Plattsburgh NY before being kidnapped and taken to
    Mississippi where me mum finished tech school with the Air Force and we moved to
    California for a year or two before she got transferred to
    Kaiserslautern, Germany where I developed my bad attitude, promping me mum's departure from the AF. We then moved to
    Huston for a couple years before moving to
    Brokton, Mass to "Get closer to home." While on a trip home to visit family, mum meets a really great guy, get's married again, and we move to
    Saranac, NY where I completed HS and first got my RPG-groove on. Which was, BTW, inspired by being a huge fan of Robotech while I lived in Brokton.

    I'm married to that hot Urbanpagan chica up there.

    I have perpetual cravings to be creative in art, music, and literature, but neither the skill nor the attention span for any of it.

    These days I serve drinks to obnoxious businessmen at 30k feet. I love it more than any job I've ever had before.

    I get bent out of shape way too easily over the silliest things. Luckily, I forget what I got bent out of shape about just as easily.


  • I'm Fred Wolke. I am 41, married, twin children (11). I spend a lot of my time gaming over IRC because my wife is disabled and getting out of the house reliably is very difficult.

    I grew up in a scattering of the suburbs between Chicago and Boston.

    As far as gaming is concerned, I think the best phrase would be "checkered past". If it's old-school, I've probably played it at least a few times, as I drifted in and out of gaming groups for the past twenty-five years.
  • I'm Levi Kornelsen. I'm 30.

    I grew up in small-town Alberta, in Canada, and have lived in quite a lot of places in this country. I'm twice-married, twice-divorced, and live with my current girlfriend. Some people are "agnostic-Christian", and by that standard I'm "agnostic-Buddhist"; I was raised Christian and that ended at Bible College.

    I'm a landlord for an apartment building in arguably the worst neighborhood in my city (Edmonton). I don't really get vacations, or travel, these days. I do go out dancing at a local nightclub about once a week.
  • I am Harald Wagener. I am 32, married, no children. I do irregular gaming on the table and via IRC.

    I am from europe, and my early roleplayin experiences have been filtered somewhat by what was available in german.

    I hadn't played alot for a period of five years when I finished my studies and moved towns, but it has become better over the last two years, mainly because of my online contacts.
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    I'm Judd Karlman, 30 years old, non-practicing Jew but I still renew my kvetching license so that I can legally cuss in Yiddish and act like an old Jewish man about once a week.

    Getting my masters degree in Library Science (with a paper that I should be writing right now) and working at a university library. I live with my lady-friend, Janaki, who is pretty neat.

    When not gaming I play soccer and avoid gluten and podcast (talk about gaming with Jeff) and write. I post under the name, Paka, on other boards and it is kind of refreshing to sign in as Judd here.

    Should be an exciting year for me publishing-wise...we'll see.

    Nice thread.

    EDIT: Oh, from Jersey original but now I'm in upstate New York. Ithaca, to be exact.
  • Yay! I wanna play.

    I'm 35 and white and male, married to a kickass race activist. My user name is my real name. OMG!

    I live in Milwaukee, which sucks, but I'm finally finishing that English degree I slacked on many years ago. Once upon a time I wrote for a living, but it wasn't fun stuff. Probably I'll give it another shot when school's done. Right now I'm focusing on creative writing, after having writer's block for 15 years. I think I'll be trying to publish some stories soon.

    I have a cool dog named Emmett who makes me want a job where I work from home, or at least one where I can bring him along.
  • Ha ha! I'm younger than everyone here so far! I'm James Schmitz, 29, a law student in Manhattan. NYC is fun but stupid-expensive!!! I eventually want to go into international human rights law. Don't get me started on Gitmo and Abu Ghraib.

    I speak a little bit of German, and I'm learning Mandarin, French, and Spanish. Before I started law school, I took 2 years worth of martial arts, and would dearly love to continue.

    In a month I'll be moving in with my girlfriend. Her dad is very sick, and probably unemployable. I'm not sure how we'll be doing come 2007. But things are tolerable right now.

    My "traditional" gaming career ended in 1991, when my character did a bellyflop onto a minotaur's head. I ran a proto-Narrativist science-fiction campaign for a few years. These days I'm looking forward to playing "The Shadow of Yesterday," "Sorcerer," and "Primetime Adventures." I'm gradually putting together a Real-Life Group.
  • I'm Adam Dray, 36, and a resident of Owings Mills, one of the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. I grew up in northeastern Ohio, did a college stint at Case Western Reserve U and Kent State. I do computery things for money. For the last 8 years, I've been at PHH Arval, a corporate fleet management company. I'm an Enterprise Architect there. That means I develop strategy for our information technology department and participate as a designer for projects.

    I'm married to Stephanie, who is trying to write speculative fiction for a living. She's a graduate of Smith College (B.A.), Northwestern (J.D.), and the Clarion Writer's Workshop. She is a licensed lawyer but has the good sense not to practice. On top of all that, she's the most awesome woman in the world. We have a townhome in a quiet, woodsy neighborhood, and two cats: Opie and Mercury.

    In our free time, she and I run FiranMUX, a text-based online roleplaying game. It's one of the most popular games of its kind and it regularly sees 80-100+ players online at a time. We host an annual con for Firan players and last year's was attended by around 70 people. We wrote and ran a LARP for all of them, too (all pregen characters). Insane but fun.

    I don't have a lot of non-gaming hobbies. I just don't have the time for them and I don't manage my free time well. I collect old RPGs. I watch a few choice tv series (Battlestar Galactica, Lost, West Wing, The Sopranos, Rome) and other shows (Daily Show, Colbert Report). I'm somewhat politically active (Young Democrats, Central Baltimore County Democrats, Rapid Response Network).

    I like to read when I have time. Currently open: Gödel, Escher, Bach (Hofstadter), A Clash of Kings (Martin), The Art of Leadership (Nahavandl). Recently finished: Rim and Mir (Besher), The Tipping Point, The Apache Cookbook (Coar & Bowen).

    I don't like anime or comics, though there are exceptions (I enjoyed Sandman and the Dark Horse Conan series).

    I have a LiveJournal, where I mostly talk about gaming stuff. I enjoy a bunch of board games and strategy games, a lot of card games, but not many collectible card games (I was a big Magic player for a while though).
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    I'm Thor Olavsrud. I'm 30. My father was Norwegian and my mother American. We lived in a suburb of Oslo until I was six, when we moved to the States. I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and went to college in Great Barrington, Massachussets.

    I'm divorced and live in New York City. For many years I was a journalist. I've worked as a staff writer at newspapers, the editor of a newspaper in Connecticut, and a senior editor for an online trade publication covering the technology industry. I spent a lot of the time on point covering the Microsoft antitrust trial and SCO v. IBM. These days I edit market research reports on the tech/online industry (consumer surveys, executive surveys and forecasts on stuff like wireless, Wi-Fi, pc & console games, broadband, personal technology, tv & filmed entertainment, european content & programming, european marketing & advertising, and next-generation marketing).

    I'm the editor and a developer of Burning Wheel. I also edited With Great Power and copyedited the No Press RPG Anthology.
  • I'm Ben.

    I'm 24 years old, single and not-even-vaguely-thinking of marriage, and for almost three years now I've been essentially itinerant, only staying in one place long enough to finish a few classes, get my degree, and feebly try to get a job. I've travelled through most of the US (staying with a lot of the people I know from the Forge), and through Germany, Finland, Russia, Mongolia, and China. (I've also been to Mexico, Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy and Israel, but not on this trip). I speak Mandarin Chinese, and am right now looking for work and a place to stop and take a fucking breath and put down roots. I will probably end up somewhere in China, as that's where I am right now.

    I'm originally from Northern California, by which I do not mean San Francisco, but Arcata, a small college town surrounded by redwood trees, ocean, loggers, and pot farmers. It's an absolutely wonderful place which I have vague plans of settling down in someday. I lived there basically straight through 'til I went to college. I went to school on the east coast, got a degree in physics, learned Mandarin, and am now looking for work as an editor, writer, or teacher.

    Aside from gaming, my other hobbies are writing, reading (lately: classic novels, particularly Chinese ones), tea, coffee shops, and hiking. I play a really wide variety of games, ranging from D&D to pervy indie games to poker to bridge to Puerto Rico. I used to play more videogames, but I haven't done so much since high school. I essentially missed out on the entire PS2 generation.

    I've role-played in a really shocking variety of styles, also.

  • Jonathan Walton, 23, part-time alpaca farmer, part-time unemployed China dork. I got my BA in East Asian Studies from Oberlin College and have spent a total of 3 years living in the People's Republic, most recently as a Fulbright Fellow in 2004-2005, when I studied the psuedo-Christian Taiping Rebellion (1851-1864). I've applied to a bunch of jobs teaching the Chinese language at independent schools across the country. I'll probably go to grad school eventually. Not sure in what.

    I play the banjo and program little songs on a Gameboy emulator using Little Sound DJ. I've written one-third of a operetta based on John Milton's Paradise Lost. I don't read music. I create comics from photos taken with my ancient digital camera (c. 2001). My newest project is a kung fu action series called, Splendid Record of the Dharma Hunters, which we plan to start shooting soon.

    My favorite musical genres are prog-bluegrass, power metal, opera, and Chinese indie rock.

    I currently live in my parent's basement in Raleigh, NC or on the alpaca farm outside of Richmond, VA. I am currently single and liable to stay that way until I really settle down somewhere. I drive a 1991 burgandy Plymouth (60,000 mi) that I got for $1000. I like my beer Belgian and my coffee full of cream and sugar. I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's.
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    22 and still the youngest. Verbosity later.

    I grew up in NJ and PA. I hated PA and don't remember hardly any of it, despite having spent two years there.

    I like to pretend to be agnostic, but various bits of Hindiusm still strike a chord in me.

    I went to JHU, and studied linguistics and fiction writing. As a result, I spent a lot of time arguing with a lot of different kinds of hotheaded-but-clever people and it's coloured my diction noticeably. I still haven't broken myself of the habit of making statements that mislead; I'd like everyone to just take things I say at face value and be careful not to carry assumptions in or make new ones. This is asking too much.

    I would like to go to art school and develop my illustration and costume design skills. I use my Livejournal as a ranting post and a food blog.

    I used to play D&D and love it, but now I wanna be a cool kid and the cool kids are apparently too cool for D&D. *put out.*

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    I'm Remi Treuer, I'm 28 and am in a long-term relationship with my girlfriend, Elizabeth, a stream ecologist. We live in Durham, NC, although I grew up in Miami. I graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts from St. John's College in Annapolis ("The Great Books Program"). I'm a spottily-employed graphic designer and cartoonist and am currently finishing up a contract to do web design and database work for a multi-university stream restoration survey project, but I essentially work for Duke University and American Rivers. I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do with myself in the next year.

    On the web I can be found here, here, and here.

    Gaming-wise . . . I've been playing since I was 13, although I've only found games that really scratched my non-details-oriented itch recently. My only gaming publishing credits were earned during a 7 month period from December 2000 to June 2001 as a production artist at Steve Jackson Games. I'm working on writing my first game, but it's pretty ugly right now.

    (Edited for employment truth)
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    Not so fast, Shreyas!

    I'm Albert Andersen, still 21 and a senior at Stanford University, soon to be getting a CS degree with a minor in Japanese and nearly enough classes to pile up a minor in History. I've lived here at Stanford all my life, except for six months in Japan a couple of years ago.

    My gaming history began when I was five and my older brother got Red Box D&D for Christmas. My first character was Icefire the Elf, who got a +1 sword for his birthday. Most of my gaming in high school was on Harper's Tale PernMOO, though I was still involved in the occasional D&D or GURPS game.

    Next year, I will go to work for the Mac Business Unit of Microsoft in Mountain View, which willl involve moving a whole five miles! I'm broadening my horizons!
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    My name is Olle Jonsson. Soon 29, getting married to the woman I met at a Danish RPG con, and for whom I moved out of Sweden, to go live with her. So, now I live in Copenhagen, Denmark,

    Make the bread as a freelance web programmer, with a penchant for the wackier sides of development.

    I love stuff like the Whole Earth Catalog, freeform role-playing games, and honest people. Also, Ruby, the programming language. A local usergroup for Ruby has been initiated, and I was a fixer for it to really happen.

    Jason Morningstar was a great guy at another forum, and I talked tech stuff with him at The Other Forum, which led to his and Autumn's coming over to see Copenhagen with me. (My town!)

    I am involved in the Swedish roleplaying game author group Vi Ã…ker Jeep.

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    Hi - I'm Jon Hastings, 28 years old, living in New York City (Astoria to be precise). I have a BA in Theater from the College of the Holy Cross, and I did the Cinema Studies MA program at NYU. Currently, I make use of approximately 0% of my academically-gained knowledge at my job as a Labor Relations Guy in the Film Industry (I make sure Teamsters get their meal penalties paid on time and other fun stuff like that).

    RPGing is my major hobby, but I'm also into making lists of movies that I like and doing volunteer dog rescue work. I read quite a bit: mostly detective novels, but I'm not too picky.

    I grew up in northern New York state (Malone), went to highschool in Montreal, college in Massacusetts, and I've spent the last seven years bouncing back-and-forth between Burlington, VT and New York City. My girlfriend, Margaret, still lives in Vermont, but she (and Fozzie, our puppy) will be moving down to the city in May. She is not a "gamer", but she loves beating me at Carcassonne: Castle.

    EDITED TO ADD: Oh, yeah: I'm a pretty recent member of/participant in nerdny.com and its Gotham Gaming Guild (both which completely rock!). I'm also a huge fan of NASCAR and motorsports in general.
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    I'm Anders Sveen. I'm 30 and live in Stockholm, Sweden with my wife Hanna and our son and daughter.

    I've stayed at home since last Febuary with my daughter who's 1,5 years old now.

    When I work I'm a library assistant at the Library of the Royal School of Technology.

    I like to read. I'm into music and movies. I like tea lot.

    Some stuff: Gene Wolfe, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Oloong, Blade of the Immortal, The Anubis Gates, The Knife's Silent Shout.

    Life's sweet right now. My kids are really the best. My wife's all kinds of awesome. And good gaming with great friends on top of that.
  • Curse you, Albert! *shakes fist* Next time...

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    Hi, I'm Mike. 34, happily married with a two year old daughter. She already likes playing with my dice (well, throwing them around the room anyhow).

    I've lived in Wellington, New Zealand all my life. I did a philosophy degree, bummed around a few years, then did a computer science degree and got a real job.

    Currently my hobbies are reading, roleplaying games and World of Warcraft.

    I'm currently trying to make the move from 'guy really interested in self-publishing a game' to 'guy who has self-published a game'. My game "Badass Space Marines" is set to push me over this line in the next couple of months.

    edit to add: if everyone else is pimping their websites then I will as well. I have a blog and a games site.
  • My name is Olle Jonsson. Soon 29, getting married to the woman I met at a Danish RPG con, and for whom I moved out of Sweden, to go live with her. So, now I live in Copenhagen, Denmark
    Hej Olle. Jeg boede i et aar i Koebenhavn -- Frederiksberg, faktisk. Fedt nok!
  • My turn, my turn!

    I'm Josh BishopRoby -- unlike the Other Joshua, I don't mind being Josh or Joshua -- and I live in Whittier, a suburb of Los Angeles. I work in Woodland Hills, another suburb of Los Angeles, except it's on the other side of Los Angeles. So my number one hobby in terms of time commitment is commuting.

    I'm 28, married, no kids. I work as an editor at McGraw-Hill, in the Business Education group -- my current big project is a line of Accounting textbooks. It is exactly as exciting as it sounds.

    I was born and raised in Whittier, and spent five or six years up in Santa Barbara for college. I attended Westmont College, where I gained a BA in English and lost faith in the triune god. Them's the breaks.

    Professionally, I have run a game store, worked at Borders, done HR at a (non-union) Hospital, worked in the Bindery department of a library, worked in the Bindery department of a print shop, taught middle school and high school in the barrio, personally was the publishing department of a non-profit kid's recreation program, and finally washed up at an actual publishing house where I am today. Oh, and wrote freelance for DP9 and a few other bits and pieces, but never for more than small change.

    I'm a foodie -- what we eat for dinner every day most folks would consider profoundly elaborate and fancy; on the other hand, when I get out of the office for lunch, I eat at Taco Bell.
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    The timing of this thread is impeccable.

    Hi, I'm Nir Shiffer. I'm 24, and for a while there I was worried that I was going to be the youngest one. I was born in Israel and have lived here all my life, altough I've traveled to Germany, England and Kenya on different occasions.

    I enlisted in the IDF right out of high school, and spent three years in various operational and training positions in the Artillery Recon array (more then a unit, less then a core). I was discharged honorably at the rank of first seargent, and am currently on active reserve status. I don't like the army very much.

    I'm currently studying to become an industrial engineer. It's going pretty well.

    I've been hanging on the fringes of this crowd for years now, and this forum is my first time "getting in there", whatever that means. I signed up yesterday, hence good thread-timing.

    I keep a Livejournal, which I use for various gaming and non-gaming purposes. I aim to be entertaining. Sometimes I succeed.
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    I'm John!

    Age: 29
    Sex: male
    Dual Citizen: United States, Greece
    Live: NYC, Forest Hills, Queens
    Sports: judo
    Work: independent record label and artist management company
    Title: Senior Director of New Media, managing our design, information technology, and online marketing departments in our NY, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and London offices
    Responsibilities: beyond managing, I also art direct, design/program (web, flash, video, games, DVDs), research, sales, human resources, training...
    Outside Clients: David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Iman, Nasa, Yankees, NJ Nets, United Nations...
    Education: School of Visual Arts
    Studied: illustration, animation, semiotics, and computers graphics
    TV: The Wire, Wrestling, Battlstar Galactica, Deadwood, Carnivale, The Shield, Buffy, Angel, X-Files
    Music: Bad Religion, Tilt, Black Sheep, David Bowie, Sarah McLachlan, The Misfits, Fear Factory, Pop and Dance music in languages I don't understand
    Books: Myths to Live By, Coercion, Getting Things Done, Crafty TV Writing, Schrodinger's Cat, Acting on Impulse, The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security, Future of Music, Astonishing X-Men, Conan, Ex Machina, X-Factor, All Star Superman
    RPGs: Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, Burning Wheel, Dogs in the Vineyard, Mutants and Masterminds
    Playing: Thursday (weekly) - indie game playtesting, Friday (bi-weekly) - Call of Cthulhu, Saturday (monthly) - Planescape using Mutants and Masterminds, Sundays (bi-weekly) - Dogs in the Vineyard or Sorcerer
    Social Clubs: run nerdnyc, organize Recess (quarterly 1 day con, 60-90 people), started The Gotham Gaming Guild (bi-weekly gaming group, 30-50 people, 5-7 ongoing games)
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    I'm Joshua A.C. Newman. The A.C. stands for Alternating Current.

    I'm 32, I live in Florence, Massachusetts with my fiancée in a strangely laid out appartment, about 25 minutes from Vincent Baker's house.

    I went to school at Hampshire College (with Vincent, lo these many years past) over in Amherst, about 10 miles away, where I studied human/machine interface design, mystical religion, and artificial life (which mesh together surprisingly well).

    I'm a graphic and book designer by trade and a game designer by love (not that I don't love graphic design). I wrote Under the Bed and am currently working on Shock: Social Science Fiction. As of today, I'm working on a tabletop wargame called Mechaton: Advancer Phalanx, which is a big-ass variant of Vincent's Mechaton.

    My LiveJournal, Monkey Kings Play, is over here. Mostly it's about games, but it's about other things too.

    I love to eat —and will be momentarily — Chinese food of several varieties, Korean food, Italian food, Middle-Eastern... wait, I think mostly I like to eat food.

    Speaking of which, I'm going to go eat now.

    Edit: I'm really using xenoglyph for my blog now, not Lj. Also, I'm now 35 and Shock: has been out since 2006 and is version 1.1. I'm working on Wings of White, Sea of Green, a game about being an awesome pirate captain and Xenon: Alien Science Fiction.
  • Hi, I'm Frank Filz, 42 (very soon to be 43). I grew up in Lexington and Concord MA, went to school for 8ish years at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY. After college, I moved to North Carolina to take a contracting job with IBM in RTP (and like a good Yankee, I lived in Cary). After 5 years, the finally decided to hire me for real (after shuffling me through a total of 3 contracting agencies, one of which was run by IBM...). In January of 2002, the project I was working on was cancelled and we got 30 days to find a new job. On day 30, I had my final phone interview with a manager in Beaverton OR (Portland) an hour before my exit interview. I also had an offer from a company in Pittsburgh. That afternoon, the manager called with an offer, and gave me 20 minutes to decide. So here I am in Beaverton OR, working in IBM's Linux Technology Center as a networking and NFS developer. I bough a house about a year and a half ago.

    My other hobbies model railroading (this spring, I hope to get started on my garden railroad), LEGO, and reading fantasy and science fiction. My music tastes are pretty wide, but my favorites are progressive rock (especially Yes), organ music, and celtic music.

    I'm a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and am quite involved in church. I am an advisor to the senior high youth group plus several other roles.

    I've done a bit of travelling. As a kid, we used to take a big trip every 4 years or so. I was a bit young to remember much of our first cross country trip, but I definitely remember the 2nd when I was in high school. In 1972, our big trip was to Europe were we bought a VW in Germany, visited Austria, Italy, Belgium, Holland, France, England, Scottland, Yugoslavia, and Romania. Last summer, I accompanied 13 youth and 3 other adults on a pilgrimage trip to Budapest Hungary and Transylvania (where I noted that the last time I was in Romania, our various guides has not even been born yet...). I've been to Canada several times, on one trip, we drove to L'Anse Aux Meadows in Newfoundland over a dirt road (it's probably paved these days), another trip we drove basically to the end of the road on the west bank of the St. Lawrence River, and recently I visited Victoria BC and other places on Vancouver Island.

  • Hi, I'm Mark Causey. I'm a member of the NC Super Gamers (according to Emily Boss). I live in Raleigh, NC, am a happy newlywed, white, male, and my claim to fame is as the record holder for Longest Still Waiting Recipient of Matt Wilson's PTA (one month exactly today :P). Nah, really though, I just hang on to Andy's coattails and bask (and if we play in Spain basque) in his awesomenocity.

    My gaming history is beginning to become available on my blizzity bliz blog.
  • Hi, I'm John Kim. I'm 36, Eurasian male. I'm living in Redwood City, California with my wife Liz and 5-year-old son Milo. I used to be a physicist, now I'm a programmer at EarthLink making a lot more money (and getting to choose where I want to live).

    I've been gaming fairly steadily since 3rd grade. Right now I'm in two tabletop campaigns which meet bi-weekly, but we take pretty regular breaks to do different stuff. Mostly I've just been a player and writer and sponsorer, content to talk up other people's stuff. I do have two design projects on the burner right now: One is finishing up my game chef entry "Morpho Londinium" (which has been languishing). The other is "Queensland", an idea for a game set in the world of Wen Spencer's "A Brother's Price".
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    I'm Keith Senkowski, but Senkowski isn't my real last name. I was born in Chicago a bit over 28 years ago and now live in the suburbs. I married into a large Irish family. I love dogs and some cats. I hate ferrets. I like my coffee black, but sometimes will a little cream. I like to smoke, but am always in some stage of quiting. I like beer at room temperature. I hate Goldshlagger and I like bourbon. I have a BA in Fine Art with enough classes for minors in Theology and Graphic Designs. I once woke up in a parking lot not knowing how I got there and what had happened over the preceding weekend. I have worked as a life guard, manager of two concession stands, warehouse monkey at a carpet store, carpet/tile installer, plasma seller, small time dealer, delivery man of warehouse material, landscaper, warehouse equipment installer, warehouse supervisor, graphic designer, web designer/programmer, video editor, cd-rom developer, computer support tech, a referee for a city basketball league and spent one day working for a fast food place. I once drove to Vermont from Wisconsin and back over a weekend. I've spent some time in Alaska and Mexico. I think everyone should go see the Grand Canyon and spend a weekend in Las Vegas during March Madness. I used to get into fights of various degrees of seriousness, but have since been domesticated. I like to paint, illustrate, and write a little. I like to create RPGs cause it lets me do all three to various degrees.
  • Hi, I'm Jeff, and I'm 17, which most likely means I'm about a decade younger that you, the Average Story-Games Poster. I made the mistake of wanting an internet pseudonym when I signed up for StarCraft at a tender age of 13 years, and, unfortunately, it's stuck with me, so on all the fora I go by Jeph. The real name is Jeffrey Samuel Schecter.

    I'm another member of the NC crowd, being Raleigh born, Raleigh bred, and a lifetime Raleigh resident. I'm white, male, Jewish (culturally and by birth), and atheist (religiously). No job at the moment, though I do intern at a chemistry lab in Research Triangle Park working with fuel cells for ARO -- closest thing I have to a profession is attending high school. I'm currently a junior, so am tired of people asking me about my plans for college. (If you must know, I'd like to study linguistics and am quite taken with Pomona and Northwestern.)

    Aside from gaming, my hobbies include, off and on, novels, yoga, lego, and writing of various sorts. I also enjoy screwing around with Illustrator, and would like to learn how to draw and write a graphic novella some day. 'Cuz being able to draw shit is cool.
  • I'm Marco--I'm 37, divorced, and have a 4 year old daughter. I'm a senior executive technologist at a massive international bank. I travel a lot (most interestingly I spent a week in Singapore). My degree is in Computer Science.

    I'm the creator and head of the JAGS project, our most recent release was JAGS Wonderland.

  • My position usurped!
  • Albert:

    You totally got pwned!
  • Heya,

    I'm Troy Costisick. I'm 28 years old.
    White guy. Protestant. Living in the middle of nowhere Kentucky.
    My first published RPG was Ember Twilight, which is a very long long story.
    Right now I'm finishing up three of my Ronny games, two of which won awards.
    I also blog at Socratic Design http://socratesrpg.blogspot.com/ as often as I can.
    Story Games is a great forum IMO, and I really enjoy helping people finish their RPGs. :)


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    Hi, I'm Arturo González-Escribano. I'm 35.
    I 'm from Valladolid (Spain). I got my Master and PhD in computer-science at the University of Valladolid, where I'm working nowadays in a kind of tenure-track position. Due to my work, I have also been in Delft (The Netherlands) in many short stays (of some months length each) during the last 10 years.

    My girlfriend is also studying computer-science, but at the University of Leon (a city nearby) where my parents also live. She will finish this semester and we will try to live in Valladolid, where I have an apartment.

    I like gaming, playing guitar, reading (not only fiction, but history, about architecture, archeology, whatever), and writting.

    I begun to play RPGs at the high-school (86). On those times our games were always coming from overseas in original version, far before they were translated to spanish. We were geeks among the geeks. In 96 I got disconnected from the role-playing main-stream. I almost stopped playing in 2000. But in 2005 I discovered The Forge, and all these nice story-oriented people. Now I have organized a group to play indie-games on Tuesday evenings.
    Nowadays I'm finishing preparing my October Ronnies entry (Disaster!) for external playtesting.
  • I'm Ben Melhuish (with an optional "S." in front, thus the username). I'm 33 and married, with a two-and-a-half-month child. We live in Shoreline, a suburb of Seattle; I grew up in Portland, and spent several years in the L.A. area, going to school and then living by the beach.

    I was introduced to gaming by my third-grade teacher, who was playing in a AD&D/blue-box-D&D hybrid. Before going on hiatus due to Real Life, my gaming group was playing a series of one-shots; prior to that, we played Nobilis. I have little interest in actually designing a game, but am very interested in design and theory as it impacts my play.

    When not taking care of the boy, I am a professional software geek; more than that, I enjoy cooking (and eating) and mixing cocktails (and drinking them). I'm currently making my way through Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey & Maturin series of books. I have a website, which is showing signs of life after years of neglect.
  • I'm Bruce Baugh, age 40, living with massive immune and other health problems since I was 15. Single not for lack of a great love in my life but because I simply can't live with anyone else - the demands of illness get in the way.

    I was born and raised in Southern California (Pasadena, in particular), but have lived in the Pacific Northwest since college. Right now I'm in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and love it.

    I've been gaming since I was 13, of one sort or another. I also write games, since the freelancing life is once that's compatible with my health's variability. It's fortunate for me that I like doing it. :) My first million published words included four tie-in novels, and I want my second million to include at least that many independent ones.
  • Jeph never paid me a cent for designing the logo for Pagoda (in The No Press Anthology), which means that God hates him. Me? I'd just make him buy me a beer... except he's not old enough. Doh! :)
  • Moin moin,

    I'm Christian Woldmann Griffen. My middle name used to be my last name; I'm German and moved to the US six years ago. When I married my wife, we both took on a new last name that we chose together, because we're egalitarian feminists.

    I played TTRPGs from age 13-21, freeform games regularly from 18-26 or so, and now at 28 I'm mainly back to TT gaming. I'm currently designing a couple of games, drafts of some of which you might have seen over at the Forge.

    I have a wonderful wife, a toddler, and two biracial stepkids who don't like to be photographed, an MA in Political Science, and a pays-the-bills job as a Paralegal. Over the past few years I've written and edited my first novel, which I'm about to send to an agent and an editor I met at a writers' conference.

    For hobbies, I practice Martial Arts (Wun Hop Kuen Do and Kajukenbo), do geeky computer things (build/overclock my computer), watch select TV shows (most of HBO's lineup plus BSG, Lost, Survivor, 24, Veronica Mars), and spend as much time with my wife as I can.

    What else? I'm a leftie, read progressive blogs and write letters to my representatives, sometimes go to the Unitarian Universalist church, used to compose techno songs (that's where the handle is from), and enjoy fart jokes way too much. I get choked up from the right books, movies (e.g., Schindler's List), and operas (Madame Butterfly).

    And I probably should leave it at that before we get too far into the realm of the personal :)

    - Christian
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    Allo, if you haven't hit the user profile thing, I'm a.k.a Tim Kirk, I was born and raised in a small city in Texas that exists as a soul crushing singularity from which people do not seem to permantly escape.

    I've lived elsewhere in Texas (College Station), as well as in Vancouver, BC.

    I'm currently 33 and been playing RPG's in some form since 1981. I've been designing games well, a LONG time, my first feeble attempt when I was 12. (Inspired by Operation Chaos by Poul Anderson, a magic as technology modern day game which thankfully will never see the light of day.)

    No kids, I play the "good Uncle" to my nephews and neices though entertaining them with RPG's, card games and trying to deter them from to much TV and to much video gaming.

    Not married and with no plans to ever pursue that path again. (been engaged, multiple times, but it seems not to be. )

    I run games of many sorts and calibers and spend my time working on writing (poetry, games, novels), artwork, and the like, always trying to improve my talents (or lack thereof.)

    I don't watch much TV, spend too much time talking about superheroes, and on the internet.

    Time not spent doing the above I'm usually playing with my white-great dane Cu' Sidhe, whose back talking hard headedness is a great source of joy for me.

    Currently I'm working on a fantasy/dark age legend inspired rpg -High Valor, a western mecha one utilizing a card engine--Vast Frontiers, and others as I've time and will to do so.
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    I'm Scott Martin, a 32 year old guy living in a house just north of the trendy center of town* with his girlfriend, Jennifer. I'm a longtime Fresno, CA native-- I've lived within 30 miles of here since birth, excluding four years of college in southern California. I'm now a practicing civil engineer at local firm.

    I've been gaming since fourth grade. My father introduced me to gaming, and continues to game with us. My current group consists of a high school friend, a friend I met a few years ago, my Dad, my girlfriend and I. We play RPGs weekly (currently Friday nights) and board games weekly (currently Wednesday nights). If you want a more complete roleplaying history, I compiled this a while ago.

    Beyond that, I spend way too much time enjoying blogs and forums (like, say, this one). I use a blog for game group coordination, but usually wind up verifying things by phone. When we moved in together, we almost killed our friends with our books-- Jennifer and I each have large collections.

    *: The Trendy Center of Town = The Tower District. (Added in response to the snickers below.)
  • The trendy center of Fresno, Scott? o.O
  • That was my reaction, too....
  • I'm John Harper, a 33 year old white male descended from Irish highwaymen (with hearts of gold, one assumes), Cherokee warriors, Arkansas bankers, and, most recently, a Texas preacher.

    I live in Seattle, where I work as an art director and graphic designer. I've told them that I would do it for free, but they continue to pay me anyway. My boss is quoted on the back of Primetime Adventures.

    I have a tatami-floored apartment in the university disctrict that is one block removed from a quality independent movie theater and/or bar in all four directions -- which makes it the best apartment in the world, according to experts.

    I am in a long-term relationship with the lovely and talented Elizabeth, a crime-analyst, therapist, and writer. We are TV junkies, and are not afraid to watch crap. Mocking SCI-FI Channel originals is a favortie pastime. "Oh, Mansquito! When will you learn to love?"

    I once played an ex-Navy SEAL in a D.A.R.E. after-school anti-drug movie. I got the part because I had a buzzcut and fit into the wetsuit. My other film and video credits are less well known.

    I sometimes teach Aikido, which is one of my favorite things in the world. Some others are: bourbon, Miller's Crossing, Tom Waits, and The Shield. I'm a huge video game junkie -- so much so, that I can't possibly start a list here. Okay, fine: Splinter Cell. Burnout 3. WoW.

    That's how I roll.
  • Trivia moment. 6 years ago I lived about 30 feet from where John H lives now.

    When I'm famous and listed on IMDB, that will totally be one of the things.
  • Hi All !!

    I'm Thor Hansen

    Born and raised in Toledo, OH sept fr a couple of years out Chicago Way

    Started Gaming in 76 or 77, can't quite put a finger on the exact date; but in 77 moved from D&D to Traveller and got
    Empire of the Petal Throne Thought EPT was stoopid and threw it in the back of the closet couple years later I went
    through the " Buying any game you can find"stage and bought a game called Legacy. This was the first game which led me to realize that I could write game rules.
    I went through the D&D ripoff phase and the I need a game with 800 character classes. I self published a game called Tiny Spies which was a fantasy trip ripoff.

    I have given up gaming two or three times but came back about two years ago and started playing with a group I met on findplay about two weeks ago. (Dogs Rules)

    I would still like to write a real game, I'm irreligious (don't believe in much), Married to a much older Woman, Need a real job and appriciate you guys for sharing.
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