Story Games Has Ended

Hi there! Story Games as an active discussion forum has ended. All accounts should be marked read-only.

This site will remain up until Aug 2020, but we plan to make sure the archives continue on in some form (current options include the Wayback Machine and a github archive).

If you're interested in more discussion, several alumni of Story Games are moving over to:
* The Gauntlet Forums:
* Fictioneers:

We thank everybody for all the lovely discussions that have taken place.

--James, Jason, and Andy


  • Apologies, I was deep in some work projects so the last week came and went in a flash.

    I too want to reach out and thank all of you who made positive contributions to each other's works of praxis over the years here. At some point I'll post some reflection blog or video about what it was like starting and seeing it through over the years.

    For those who want to stay in touch, I'll close the cycle with this: My link:
    Especially serendipitous, in that was created by the same Kit who was instrumental in helping us upgrade the forum software from V1 to V2 over a decade ago.

    Thank you, everyone!
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