[Next] Good-Bye Story-Games

Well, it's the last 24 hours of Story-Games, so before the doors are locked for good, I'd like to say thank-you to you all for teaching me about how good games work. Thanks.

And special thanks to Andy, Jason, and James for keeping the lights on as long as they did. Thanks.

Hopefully, I'll see you all again at the Gauntlet or Fictioneers.


  • Goodbye, to the forum and thanks all for the conversation. See you elsewhere on the internet.

  • This is the only online community I’ve ever truly felt a part or visited consistently - sometimes daily - for well over a decade.

    Thank you to all the participants and all the lovely, beautiful, hilarious, and insightful discussions you have brought about over the years.

    I’ll be at the Fictioneers and the Gauntlet and I hope to continue discussing with all of you.
  • See y'all at the new places, and thanks to everyone who ran this place and everyone who made it such a joy to participate at.
  • Thanks for all the insightful discussions! Look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you create.
  • James, you rock. Thanks for everything.
  • Thanks for all. See y’all about.
  • I'll miss this place. Back when it first started, it was a thrill to be invited to "a forum a little more casual than the Forge, but a little more serious than RPG.net." Honestly, it turned out to trend more towards the serious than the light; I don't think I was often up to the level of discourse achieved here (some of my old posts are downright "try-hard") but it was enlightening to read along. I drifted away as my understanding of my own tabletop tastes grew more confident and less needful of high-level deconstruction (also, as the once-obscure lessons of rpg theory were adopted into widespread practice). But I still checked in every now and then, and took for granted that I always could.

    It's a paradoxical time. Roleplaying is at a peak of popularity, but between the loss of G+, the fading of NerdNYC and now the end of Story-Games, I'm feeling more isolated from the wider community than ever. Here's hoping that we take Jame's advice and create a community at least as good as this one to take its place.
  • So this is goodbye...
    Thanks again for this wonderful community and all the inspiration.
    Thank you all!
  • Goodbye and thank you all for many great discussions!
  • Goodbye and thank you for some good games I got to know by reading your posts. I´ll read on at fictioneers.
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