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So, inspired by this post in the "Things Begging to be Used..." thread:
In the Victorian era, orchids became tremendously popular and the demand for them was immense. This led to the creation of a new profession of orchid hunting. These guys would go to the farthest flung corners of the globe to search remote jungles for orchids. So, of course, they faced disease, raging rivers, wild animals, head hunters... all of the normal jungle explorer fare, and in addition, they had to watch out for one another, too, because it was a very cutthroat business.
...I've gone and written:

this small game

...and just wanted to say a quick thank you before the lights go out - thanks!

Feedback's welcome though be warned, this is still the first draft and not been playtested yet so still very rough around the edges.


  • I think you need to make it public, or somethin'... I'm not seeing it.
  • Damn. Not used to Itch yet. Have changed to a regular ol' Dropbox link.
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    It's a bit complicated for a simple game, but more on the enticing / marketing side. Intellectually it's totally accessible.
    On the table of suits X value # meaning : it should be more clearly referenced to ; it could include orchids.
    Calling the playing mat orchid is not a good idea. It is confusing. You should draw an orchid on it though.
    I don't see the need not to turn clockwise from 1 to 6. This is confusing.

    Typing : "the aim is *to* promote"

    You plan on giving more background. Why not. But you could sell the historical period and tone better giving the writing a spin. Sell me waxed moustaches and laces (icons shouldn't be hard to find).

  • Games about flowers <3
  • Thanks for looking and the tips! Will bear in mind for future revisions :)
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