[Eero] My Post-SG Online Presence

Several people have been asking me about my plans for when SG goes down. I thought that I might as well answer the question on the forum.

The short answer is that I don't have any particular plans, and it's possible that I'll simply drop out of the online scene altogether. My presence has been entirely reactive over the last decade, anyway - if it wasn't for the habit of checking out SG and answering questions here I might not be doing anything communicative.

It used to be the case that I participated in online hobby discussion to learn, and perhaps to publicize a bit, but with increasing mastery of the form (self-satisfaction, whatever) and decreasing interest in publicity I find that I have little cause to participate in discussion. As far as I understand my own feelings, I seem to feel no need whatsoever to jump to a new forum just because SG is ending.

I'll note that my attitude here has nothing to do with the specific people I've interacted with over the last decade, or the new community destinations that people have been considering. You're all perfectly fine and interesting people, and those new forums seem like fine affairs. It's me, not you.

I don't hold any strong feelings on the matter, though, so it's possible that something develops come the autumn. I've been considering restarting my blogging, on the premise that I could waste time writing blog essays instead of SG discussions. Then again, the truth is that my writing has mainly been reactive here; it seems rather probable that I couldn't be bothered to blog regularly without being constantly provoked like a forum does. I wouldn't have written nearly as much here over the years if it wasn't for all the good questions that people have been asking. I seem to have a personality where I don't really get motivated by the abstract idea of an audience.

Or, maybe I'll get on some forums for promotional purposes if I ever get off my ass and start publishing again. Who knows.

If anybody wants my specific attention on anything, you know I like to help people, so feel free to drop me a letter. I'm not particularly going anywhere, it's just that the main venue where I've kept in touch with a bunch of online acquaintances is disappearing.

Really, I might as well formulate this thread as a conversation, considering how emotionally lukewarm I seem to be on the whole affair: do you think that I should do something particular about SG closing down? Is it weird to not be on any social media platform at all? What's the apt relationship to have with the online hobby scene?


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    Thank you for your offer of help and for your many insightful and positive posts on this forum -- they have deeply influenced me (and many others)!

    I have been very happy with my gaming in no small part because of your guidance and proudly consider myself a disciple. My Wilderlands campaign is still going strong after almost 150 sessions and I may just be training the next batch of gamers to spread the word... =)

    Obviously, I'd love to see a "how-to" (or any other kind of) book on your style of D&D but you'd indeed be writing for an audience -- you certainly don't need it (and there are all the threads on your primordial D&D etc. etc. for those interested). So unless you feel the urge to save D&D... ;-) ;-) ;-)

    Best wishes,

    Edited to add: And if you ever to get to high-levels in your D&D games you absolutely must let us know your thoughts!
  • Yeah, the high level thing is a primo open question for me as well. We've spit-balled theory around it recently with the Finns, but the fact remains that in dearth of genuine play experience I'm limited to speculation.

    Ben Lehman suggested an interesting thing last night - maybe I should start a personal newsletter like Rafu does. I've enjoyed his newsletter, and it does serve the purpose of keeping acquaintances apprised of what you're doing. Just a simple, factual monthly update, and if it happens to touch upon the interests of somebody else, they can follow up on it at their own convenience.

    A bit like a blog, except less essays on random subjects and more of a progress report on your hobby work.
  • I'm going to be sad that I never truly grokked the mechanics of your minis experiment.
  • For as long as I've been reading S-G you've been one of my favorite talking-about-RPGs-on-the-internet people in the whole history of people talking about RPGs on the internet.

    I don't feel I have any right to tell you what you should do regarding social media, online presence, etc... But if you do keep talking about RPGs on the internet after S-G (in a language that I can parse), I hope I'm lucky enough to stumble across you again <3
  • As I had PMed you, I'd highly appreciate your thouhts and experience.
    I respect it if you want to stay off the net.

    I'd be happy to subscribe any newsletter, RSS or mailinglist you'd set up.
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