Introducing Safety Tools for a Con — Rituals, Procedures, Scripts, Best Practices?

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Would love to get your valuable opinion & experience while Story Games is still up:
For a German-speaking story game con, we'd love to introduce Safety Tools, mostly based on the Script Change Tools by Brie. We want to establish a procedure to introduce these tools (mainly rewind/pause/fast-forward) for the con.

What would be a good way to introduce the Safety Tools to the groups/players?
I can think of various approaches:
- Opening Statement, i.e. "we are all friends" / "we all want to have fun and feel safe"
- Select Safety tools together
- Rituals, i.e. all press a safety button together
- Real talk, i.e. personal experience/position, get honest feedback from all players
- Script, i.e. to be read out in the beginning / go through procedure together
- Impovise examples together, i.e. each player presents example what would disturb them
- Open discussion/brainstorming, i.e. what would you like/what would disturb you (limits/lines&veils)?
- Visual aids, i.e. tabletop tools, posters
- Wrap-up talk, i.e. how was it for everyone?

Would love to hear your recommendations.


  • So, my current recommendations, thenThis is work-in-progress af. Playing games is inherently unsafe (as is crossing the street) and we can only try to do our best.
    1. Stopping the game is allowed, leaving the game is allowed, pausing the game is allowed.
    2. Lines can be good for campaign play. Respect lines when prepping. Change modules if needed. (e.g. if you have a line against sexual violence, as I do, you might change some deets around the stripped & bound guy in U1)
    3. Check in with each other [if someone seems to clam up & shut down] but not in a way that puts the person on the spot or exposes them
    4. Respect that some peeps want their no-go stuff to be secret (maybe they’ve just shaken that heroin addiction or whatever)
    5. Use natural language to come up with custom safety tools for your specific situation. What do you need to happen or not happen right now? At the table, in the room, in the group as much as in the game or diegesis.
    6. Be open to talking privately amongst just a subset of the group (maybe the player and a DM) if that’s what someone needs
  • @Sandra, I have seen your post, thanks. This is what I'd do for a perso al round.
    However for the Con, the con initiators would like to see a structured minimum basis established for all GMs/groups/players. This is what I try to come up with.
  • Present the tools. Have a cut-glue-paint workshop to make props (posters, signs, cards, etc.) Serious fun.
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