[2097e] Oh, Injury! first release

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Here it is!

Thanks Paul, Andye, DeReel and others here for your help (Paul had the initial idea!!), and to my group, they’ve had a big impact on it too, and some dorks on Reddit and Giant in the Playground have also helped.


  • Woohoo! Thanks for the shout out, Sandra. :)
  • Mostly I'm proud of my own work on this thing. Oh and I snarfed so much of it from DW maybe that should be in there :bawling:
  • Also:

    Nice job!

    Some notes:

    You might want to specify what happens to HP when a character can’t spend enough to avoid an attack.

    For example, a skeleton deals 5 damage but I only have 3 HP left. I’m wounded now, but what happens if they attack again for 3 damage? Do I still have those 3 points to spend, or not?

    The frame trap stuff might need clarification. I’m not at all sure I understand it after a first read thorough, anyway.

    Some of the text might be confusing to people, like your use of “wounds”, and the acronyms DSF and DSR, for instance. You’ll have to get someone who’s not me or a player in your game to read it to confirm that, though!
  • Paul, you've helped beyond the initial idea, explaining it to you also helped me figure out how I should explain it period.

    You're right about the low HP stuff. Intent is that you have 0hp left. Somehow…. the rule is unclear af there. Need to spec it up.

  • You could borrow the AW mechanic there:

    When you’re wounded, you’re in an “unstable” condition. (Bleeding, etc)

    You need to be “stabilized” (medically) or you’re in danger of dying.

    Then you just say that someone who’s “unstable” has 0 hit points.

    I also don’t mind the idea that you just keep the hit points. You get hit with a big whammy and you’re dying, but you might still have the luck or energy to avoid a second, smaller blow while you’re thrashing around...
  • No because you'd be in a frame trap. Unlike your orig idea, here you can never keep the HP.
  • OK, but I don't understand the whole "frame trap" idea, so you might need to explain that in more detail. Sorry! Not following you just yet.
  • Frame Trap means this: If they take wounds instead of pay HP, they're gonna pay the HP later anyway
  • Ok, I get that now. How does it apply in this case? What would that look like in play?
  • I think what happens is this.

    If you commit to a defense that you can't afford, you need to pay as much as you can. This might kill you.

    If you do not commit to a defense in order to save up on HP, you get frame trapped. Sooner or later you're gonna have to pay. Which might kill you.
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