References on semiotics and no myth with respect to roleplaying

I find that the current discussions (on blorb/klokkverk and sandbox, no myth, shared imagined space, and so on) reference a lot of sources and concepts I have not read ever or within a decade. Maybe I am not the only one.

I hope this thread to be a source of background reading for the interested. It would be very nice if others could add useful source material, too. I do not currently have time to do a full literature review, unfortunately.

Montola, Loponen: A semiotic view on diegesis construction. Scholar finds 44 citations; some of those are probably relevant.

Mizer, Re-embedding through distanciation in Dungeons & Dragons. First link at

Montola: Social reality in roleplaying games. I have not read this.

Baker, Dice and clouds: There is probably more by Vincent; links appreciated.

Langford, No myth gamemastering:

More links on no myth:

Montola: On the edge of the magic circle. Understanding role-playing and pervasive games. I am not sure if this is relevant.
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