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Hi I'm one of the nominees for moderator on the RPG stack exchange. The election closes in a week.

Now, I'm not that eager to get the job. Frankly it'd be kinda exhausting and I'd be kinda glad if I didn't win. But I thought I'd let you all know because you know me a lot better than they do so you can go there and vote for me or against me, whatever you feel♥

If you don't care about that site at all then obv never mind♥


  • Almost no-one nominated themselves I wish there were time for some more folx to step up :bawling:
  • Having seen some SE elections before, what happens is that the most active/popular people are likely to win, because people will vote for those they have interacted with (in a non-negative way). I would expect your chances of being selected to be very small.

    It might also be a good idea to participate actively at the corresponding meta site before becoming a moderator there, just to get a feel for the place.
  • Right that's a relief but the problem is that there are very very few nominees this time
  • I'm one of the founders of RPG Stack Exchange. <=)
  • What's your name on there? ♥
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