Reading Sil's latest post, it seems to me that the word Klockwerk is more of a better fit for the type of scripted monster decisions that games like "Adventure System" and "Dragon Union" introduced that I've expanded upon in my game. Does that make sense?


  • Maybe I shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth, if I can get rid of all the bullying I'm enduring for the word "blorb" but still have an unambiguous word that's great.
  • Rereading moconnor's post on it makes me kind of ambivalent, maybe Klockwerk is the better name for it idk
  • The name sounds really nice, with the idea of a somewhat rigid automation, something definitively not free flowing or mutating dynamics. I bet there is a way to make real "quantum ogres" (and not the "fiat ogres" that go under this name).
  • Klockwerk decidedly has advantages over Blorb in English.
  • It's a good vivid term, but is there any reason why "klockwerk" instead of simply "clockwork"?
  • Uniqueness? We want to avoid the "dice" & "clouds" mistake when the name is confusable for another thing?
  • It's a good vivid term, but is there any reason why "klockwerk" instead of simply "clockwork"?
    Because it looks like Heavy Metal pseudo-German, and everyone knows that's Cooool.
  • Well, if you say so! I can't argue with everyone.
  • :smiley:

    Aside from that, the variant spelling also does kind of clue that it might mean something rather specific worth looking into, even if the word itself starts with some implication of what it means.
  • Klöckwërk ♥
  • It's a good vivid term, but is there any reason why "klockwerk" instead of simply "clockwork"?
    I am fine with Clockwork, actually; less time spent seeing that I've spelled it consistently.
  • but like "4e is such a clockwork game" i'm gonna make a bet that that's gonna happen :(
  • Three second later someone has made a "heart of a clock" thread so we already have ambiguity. this is why you alien words!!!
  • Oddly enough, one of my spell checkers wants to change it to "klokwerk", which is another alternative spelling!
  • Having coined the term, I don't have any particular investment in how Klockwerk ends up being spelled. Should anyone have a particular interest about how I chose the idea of Klockwerk the idea first occured to me I thought of Steampunk with its mechanised robotic devices that could do wonderous things. Then I recalled to mind Fritz Lang's Metropolis which brought on the pseudo German spelling. Add in a dash of Deism and there you go. From this stew came the originating idea of Klockwerk.

    On the whole @DeReel and @komradebob had the right of it. Klockwerk is spelled close enough to the English spelling as to be understandable in its general meaning but different enough that one gets the idea that something else might also be going on.

    Plus, like komradebob said, it looks cooool!


  • In German, it's Uhrwerk. Which isn't great because that's the name of a game publisher (though they spell it Swedishly, Urverk), so saying uhrwerk games is also confusing
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    I wasn't interested in using a German word. As @komradebob and I had both stated the word has a pseudo-German look. Something that looks or sounds like it could possibly be rooted in the German language from an English perspective without actually being so.

    Compounded with a stylistic Creative Spelling twist. Nothing special. Nothing to get worked up over.


  • How could anyone thing that this is me being worked up? Compared to #emo2097
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    My sincerest apologies if I'd mischaracterized you or your post.


  • Since it's come up a bit in the past few days, I d believe there were also old, old Forge threads talking about some kinds of Sim games as Clockwork/Mechanistic Deist designs.

    That is, games or games+settings where all of the mechanisms were in place and the3 thing kind of functioned on its own. Sorta.

    Anyway, it was a similar concept to your blorb.

    As for the made-up pseudo word, I think -werk usually translates more to factory, right? Not terribly relevant, but a funny aside.

    glocke is clock, right?

    And glockenspiel is one of those old timey, really intricate town clocks with all the moving parts often that have some sort of cute display like dancing bear parades or something attached to them. Like giant cuckoo clocks, but much more involved.

    So maybe you could take that, and turn it back into a verb, making glockenspielen?

    [Note, none of this post should be taken entirely seriously. I'm not yet caffeinated]
  • Glockenspiel means cock&balls in stockholm slang.
    Clockwork in german is Uhrwerk.

    Listen guys I don't want to bikeshed this. As long as we understand each other IDC
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  • Glockenspiel means cock&balls in stockholm slang.
    Making that into a verb would seem to have unfortunate/hilarious implications.

  • I'm sorry I started this whole "klockwerk" vs "clockwerk" vs "uhrwerk" vs "xylophone" kerfuffle.

    I wish to withdraw any objection. Klockwerk is understandable and adequate, avoids confusion with BitD clocks, conjures a pleasing image of the GM as this guy, etc.
  • Yeah.

    I'm bummed that one of my big contributions to RPG theory has melted into air but… if it ends the bullying and making fun of me for picking the name "blorb" then fine. Klockwerk is fine
  • Sandra!

    Your contribution to RPG theory still stands. People were having trouble relating the name of your theory to the theory itself. For myself I used Klockwerk because it helped conjure up the ideas contained in your theory better than a word that conjures up images of some shapeless thing. Maybe I just lack mental horsepower. I did not employ the word with the intent to usurp your efforts - using it helped me encompass your thesis easier.

    I'm sorry that this is causing you distress.


  • Your contribution to RPG theory still stands.
    You are such a sweetheart Sil♥

  • Agreed. The focus of these interwoven threads is definitely still on your design / theory, I think a more descriptive term is more accessible to some folks (like me).
  • Thank you moconnor ♥

    I mean i stole 90% of it from [OSR asshole #4], [OSR asshole #1], [OSR asshole #6], and from Tavis Allison
  • But I sorta… tore it apart and saw how it ticked? uh
  • Yeah but "Klockwerk" didn't get me to go play Enchanter so you've still got that going in your favor.
  • ♥ thank you yukamichi♥
  • I agree with all of the above. No amount of finding a more suitable word takes anything away from past discussions, arguments, or ideas. You keep doing you!
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