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Hopeless-Wanderer is taking point on figuring out where to move Minis [+] conversations to after SG closes down.

There have been a ton of discussions, mine and others', about combining dirty-hippie mechanics/ techniques with miniatures use.

I just plain don't remember everyone who was involved with those. If you're interested in the subject, put your name up here ( and maybe a bit about what you're especially interested in, in terms of topics) so H_W can find you.


  • I'm sort of peripherally interested. These days I don't do face to face gaming so my miniatures mostly sit in boxes.

    That said, I have an ongoing project where I am slowly building a medieval fantasy world using LEGO. The size of it is such that it can only ever be fully realized at a convention (ok, I could theoretically set it up in my garage, but I don't even have half the tables I'd need now). Now as yet, when set up, it's a pretty static display, but the potential for some kind of RPG inspired play is there. It would just take a group of "players" interested in the idea to join me in attendance at a convention, probably helping me get it all there (by the time I will be able to commit enough to a convention to be able to bring it all it will probably not fit in our car), helping me set it up (the last time I set it up, I barely got it all set up in time for the convention's public hours starting Saturday morning.

    I'm involved in so many RPG discussion sites these days that I'd prefer not to add another, so depending on where this lands, I might or might not follow...

    Unfortunately, of the places I follow, probably MeWe is the only really suitable place. Facebook might also work, but I find it hard to follow interest groups there. The other forums are either dedicated purpose (OD&D and Traveller) or just have big catch all discussion areas (The RPG Site, RPG.NET, RPG Pub).

  • It may be a weird suggestion, but what about just plain participating more over at theminiaturespage.com in one of their more obscure message boards in the General Categories? Or Lead Adventure forums?

    I know I've occasionally seen some folks dip their toes into those forums who clearly know at least a few dirty-hippy RPGs/SGs just from them name-dropping games.

    Getting discussions going about rules not strictly from a pure "Gamist" mindset might be tricky, but not impossible. I know I've seen a lot of folks taking stabs at non-gamist minis play, but it's a bit like watching early aviation experiments. :disappointed:



    I'm not sure quite how to get it done, but your talk about your Lego kingdom problems really does make me think there is something to that phenomenon I was talking about regarding Rangers of Shadow Deep.

    There are so many Lego fans in this world who are also gamers, often in a similar situation, that there just has to be some sort of solution involving shared online participation paired with smaller at home solo or small group co-operative gaming.

    I have a buddy I'm meeting up with today who very much fits in that category.
  • @ffilz

    Also, can you post pics and/or brag on that project a bit?

    I know, not really the scope of this thread, but I'm personally curious and would like to share what you're doing with my Lego-favoring pal.
  • Probably neither here not there but I was just thinking about the potential for a Lego-based game where even things like specific positioning and builds could be easily traded back and forth PBeM-style using a Lego building program to save the "board state" in between turns.

    I kinda regret that (almost) all of my Legos are in the possession of my niblings now.
  • That's intriguing.

    Can you tell me more about that? I didn't even know that sort of program existed ( Leo is waaaay outside of my nerd wheel house)
  • There's not really that much to say, I don't think. They operate like CAD programs or simple part-based 3D design programs, where you can "virtually" build things out of Lego. There's a pretty big community of people sharing their designs this way (I remember @2097 posting a really cool Lego spaceship on her website a while back but I forget if the photos were of a physical model or a rendered one).

    Then it would just be a matter of saving the file and sending it to someone else, and they could modify it (i.e. "move the game pieces around") and send it back. The fact that Lego fundamentally works on a grid always made it seem like a perfect match for a game to me; heck, before there were Lego CAD programs people would even draw designs out on graph paper, like members of a certain other hobby.

    I'm not a big Lego community person, so for all I know someone else could have come up with this idea a long, long time ago.
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    Thanks for remembering it @yukamichi

    I built it physical first (and the photos are real) and then recreated it digitally, for the “instruction booklet”.

    The Heartless Crane.

    Not sure what the app was, LeoCAD I think. This was four years ago and I only ever did two, the kohaku koi fish was the second.

  • Btw those pieces are meant to make a birth day cake if I remember correctly ♥
    But I did space ship♥
  • Btw those pieces are meant to make a birth day cake if I remember correctly ♥
    But I did space ship♥
    That’s really cool! :)

  • To avoid derailing this thread too badly, I started a new thread with pictures of my castle layout. I'm happy to discuss ideas and such over there.

    I'll add one more note here that there ARE some games that are at least close to RPGs that are designed for use with LEGO. I have personal experience with Evil Stevie's Pirate Game but there's also BrickQuest and more.

    Perhaps we can manage to channel Chris Weeks, he had some ideas on LEGO gaming back in 2005 or so.
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