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I welcome you to consider Fictioneers.net as an alternative game discussion forum. The site began as a directory of indie RPGs and storygames (see thread here), and has recently expanded to include a forum - the organization of which I am open to advice on.

The site has existed for almost 5 years now, and it ain't goin' anywhere.

There's also a PBF system in the playtesting phase right now (invitation only ATM), and that will be launched publicly this summer. At that time the site will then cover three important bases: discovering games, talking about games, and actually playing games.

Got questions, comments? Hit me!


  • I´d appreciate it, already like the games collection.
  • Cool. I didn't realize that Fictioneer now had a forum or discussion.
  • That's excellent news!

    Don't know if this is interesting or relevant, but "fictioneers forum" returns nothing on Google (at least for me).
  • Not surprising, Paul. The forum is literally 24 hours old. :-)
  • Gotcha! But it looks pretty active already. Nicely done!
  • I think Fictioneers has a lot of potential.
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    Thank you sir. And as you can assume from this comment here, it will remain brainy. :-)

    I would like to get community input on the forum categories, however. I kept them intentionally vague, but I'm happy to serve the broader opinion. The categories right now are:
    - Design
    - Discuss
    - Hack
    - Play
    - Plug
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    -Need Advice or Have a Question
    or something like that
  • Maybe we can have major catagories and then use tagging for other stuff. Taggs seems cool to me for narrowing topics without really narrowing them for everyone ya know?
  • I like that idea. Otherwise people might have trouble choosing between “design” and “hack”, for example.
  • I agree. Tags are good.
  • I cannot seem to login to fictioneers.
    @AsIf see my PM
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    1. Two people at gmail have reported not receiving the initial email. I suspect gmail has blacklisted my server, and will investigate. I can approve people manually, however, as I've just done for @BeePeeGee, so no one will be denied access while I solve that problem.

    ETA/UPDATE: BeePeeGee has reported that it went to his spam folder. So be on the lookout for that.

    2. As requested, Tags are now operational. I hope people don't go too nuts with em, I'll have to manage the list once in a while :-)
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    As for flavor, I certainly don't plan on taking an editorial hand, but I think I've already described what brings me here to S-G. It's the same thing that brings us all here: the specific range of depth and breadth we regularly attain in these conversations.

    The fact of the matter is: the existence of the Fictioneers Forum at all is a direct response to the imminent shutdown of this place. I don't wish to imitate Andy and James and I don't imagine for a second that Fictioneers will be the literal continuation of S-G.

    However, analogously and hopefully speaking, I can think of nothing better.
  • Thank you sir. And as you can assume from this comment here, it will remain brainy. :-)

    I would like to get community input on the forum categories, however. I kept them intentionally vague, but I'm happy to serve the broader opinion. The categories right now are:
    - Design
    - Discuss
    - Hack
    - Play
    - Plug
    One category you probably want is for forum related issues. So a place where people could talk about Fictioneers itself as a site and as a forum. A place to talk about potential new features, suggest games to be listed, discuss policies and best practices on the site, that sort of thing. A place where you can post announcements if there will be a change or a service outage or something. Those sorts of topics.
  • Done, sir! One for site news & discussions, and one for tech support.
  • I've made some UI changes for mobile people.
    Mobile people - let me know how this is working for you.
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    Here is what it looks like on my phone. You cannot zoom out. Let me try on a different browser to be sure.

    **edit** Yes looks the same on chrome and on a different phone.
  • Thanks @Kenny_J ! That's exactly the problem I'm trying to address. Two questions: (1) do you happen to know the screen resolution (pixel width) of that phone? and (2) can you clear your cache and let me bother you again? Message me here or contact me via the fictioneers site.
  • Sure, happy to help.
  • It looks GREAT on my phone. Nice!
  • Whew!
  • There is a “button” on each post that says you can “vote”. What is that for?
  • It's a +1 system.
  • Ok! That’s not obvious to me from the term “vote”, but I get it now.
  • You're right. I'll add that to the todo list.
  • I tried registering this evening. My experience went something like this:

    -Registration asked for a username and email. No password field.
    -Went to login at forum but, no password
    -Selected “forgot password” a few times, but no email (not in spam, as far as I can tell?)
    -Got hit with recaptcha at every step

    In the morning I’ll try on gmail’s web interface instead of via my mail client, just in case it got caught in gmails spam trap and didn’t show up in my clients spam folder, which sometimes happens.

  • Mine hit the spam folder
  • @miedvied

    Yeah the email has a link to set your password for the first time, but some have been having trouble getting the email. AsIf had been pretty responsive so far.
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    If it's not in your spam folder, PM me or contact me via the site and I'll create a password for you manually. You'll want to change it after logging in, of course.
  • Turns out that, indeed, it was caught up in spam.
  • On a related note: how do get into that PbF test run? PbF is my jam.
  • Cool! Do you have a group? I ask because I'm playing a totally tech-support role at the moment (no time to actually run anything myself), so I'm hoping to find already-existing groups or solo players so they can hit the ground running. Let me know your username on Fictioneers.
  • My username on Fictioneers is Arkades. I don't at the moment; I'm in the process of looking for a new game.
  • Ok, let's see what we can do about that...
  • Log in again and you'll see some new menus and stuff. You're a PBF player now. I'll join you in to a mock campaign so you can play with the system. Please use the "Suggest Features" link in the sidebar of your account page if you have any ideas you want to hit me with. Maybe we can throw a new group together.
  • Site Update: At the awesome suggestion of @Kenny_J , I've just added a "Game Link" feature to Fictioneers. Now whenever you're discussing a particular game that happens to be in the directory, you can go click-click-boom and create a link to its info page.
  • Nice!
  • I just arrived there, too.
  • Awesome!

    You have a great list there, might as well use it! :)
  • And the other way around: Today I added a button on all Game Listing pages allowing (logged-in) users to start a forum thread about that game with a click.
  • Some of you will remember the games of Cobralingus we played here for a little while. Well, I've added a dice roller and started one up again at Fictioneers. I'm not planning on editing anything, so consider this your Deleuze-virtual trigger warning. :-)
  • Oulipo not dead
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    +1, @DeReel.

    Hey everyone -- Did ya ever wanna start a thread over again? Well, now's your chance. This is a standing invitation to copy and post any of your OPs from here into some appropriate subforum at fictioneers.net.

    I don't want to get anyone angry about their text being appropriated without their consent, so if you choose to do this, I ask that you copy over only your OP and any of your own comments from the thread that illuminate the OP. Please do not copy anyone else's comments or posts.

    I rather expect that many of those who participated in the thread the first time around will be unwilling (understandably so) to repost their original comments, and I don't see a lot of point in repeating the original conversations. Instead, I see this as a chance for you to introduce your topics to some new people, and allow the conversation (if it mote be) to move in a totally different way. You've changed since then. So has everything else.

    Gilles Deleuze interpreted Nietzsche's "Eternal Return" to be a return not of Identicality but of Difference: the rhizomic return of an underlying abstract machine, manifesting in a different time and guise, to unfold in a way that diverges from its previous actualizations; the repetition of that which differs-from-itself, or, in Nietzsche's terminology, the repetition of being as becoming.

    This is that.

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