The End of Story Games

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It's hard to write, but here it is: Story Games is going to end.

Jason and Andy and I have discussed this, and we all feel it's the right call.

For us, our interest in community moderation has diminished, and this community isn't at the center of our hearts anymore. None of this means that there aren't good people having good discussions here. It's just not something we want to run anymore.

Rather than try and find new leaders, and also deal with the technical ungainliness that this hybrid of Vanilla versions and hacks has accumulated, the right thing in our minds is to close this, let this be a community with a start and end point, and let a new history and direction form.

We fully encourage all the people of this board to create new spaces, as the costs of hosting/creation have never been cheaper, or to inhabit any of the exciting new forums or spaces (for example, the forums or the gauntlet forums or the many RPG discords) that are being created.

The last day that the forums will be open for posting will be August 15th. At that point, we'll turn the forums to read only. We'll leave it up as a read only archive for roughly another year.

To encourage a new space, we're going to do the following:
* We're loosening the restrictions on meta/forum talk on threads that are about making a new space. (Please start all these thread titles with the tag [Next].) All other parts of the code of conduct remain in place, but we encourage you to have conversations about what space(s) to create, and who/how you might run them.
* We'll direct people who end up here to reasonable new communities via stickied posts and the like.
* Once we close, I'll do my best to send an email to all people who have logged in recently to inform them of any diaspora communities.

Please feel free to discuss here:
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