[5e] the word "BIFTS"

Please don't call the traits, ideals bonds and flaws "BIFT"s that's like @Deliverator's parody name for them.

It conflates them too much with the BW BITs, it sounds gross in Swedish (as a portmanteau of "biffsaft" one of the grossest words of all time), it makes you forget the real order, and also referring to a mechanic by its parody name is kinda confusing & bad-faith? Matt, you know I love you and I know you love 5e so please don't take this li'l call out post too personally. It's not just you using this word, someone else just used it in PMs with me.

It's like if I were to refer to the artha in BW as farta and then that would stick. (Please don't call the artha in BW "farta" either! Only using it as an example here!)

IDK some nicknames are out of love like my group calls the PHB the "peachbee" and the monsters the "pretties". Maybe I'm just being control-obsessed and having a bout of NIH ("not invented here") syndrome. Buuut... hopefully my arguments in the second paragraph still are valid…?

Maybe I should've made this post five years ago


  • I was adviced in PM to propose some other terms. Traits, characteristics, TIBFs
  • I first heard the term elsewhere, so either it has spread, or it has multiple points of origin. I imagine I can avoid the term easily though, as I'm trying to back away from the 5E discussion in general.
  • I hope @Deliverator isn't too mad at me for starting this thread
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