[CJW] suggestions for "Other-Timely Intrusions"?

So this is for my day job; I’m consulting on an art research LARP as part of an umbrella project called Climate-Just Worldings. I’m not the main PM, I’m just helping out. This particular material [the list of Other-Timely Intrusions] is among the things that is going to be open source; (to be specific, we’re considering the most recent version of the CC-BY, the CC-BY-SA, or the CC0.) If you post your suggestions here, please be OK with me using them in that way. Since this is research, we need to be especially cautious that people are aware of the time we ask of them, and how that they’re participating voluntarily etc. All stuff that’s no different than many of the other posts here, like the great research for a children’s game thread that’s up here.

The premise of [our current draft of] the LARP is that there’s this time machine that can only send information back, not physical objects, and they can only send them as back as a specific date (within the last year or so, I think was the date we set). The agenda of the entities in the very distant future is to fight climate change. They go about it in kind of a weird way; here are some examples that we already have:

  • Hot water runs out while showering
  • A single raindrop made me clean
  • Fruit transported long distances lose flavour and nutrition
  • The apple in my own garden suddenly tastes better
  • Car breaks down, starts again when more people enters the car

It’s all oddly personal & micro-level.

The participants of the LARP are gonna try to figure out how the OTI could even happen [obv there are present-day people helping to execute some of these ideas and implement some of this technologies since the time machine only could, at least at first, send pure data and it’d have to pass through the code/data separation layer somehow; for example a gene sequence or a piece of computer software that needs to actually be executed] and how to react to these intrusions. Maybe we’re gonna do hidden roles/agendas too, IDK.

So the Q is:
we want moar!
What are some more of these? Again, please don’t worry about how they would make sense, just what are some more of the small weird OTI things that these climate-agenda-having future entities do?


  • I think there’s a lot of jargon I don’t understand here in the abbreviations. (like PM, CC-BY, etc.) I’m assuming this is LARP-speak I’m not familiar with.

    But I think what you want is some more weird messages — related to climate change —like the list provided that future people send back to current-day people (though it also sounds like only the dates themselves can be sent, and that makes me confused)? Am I getting the premise?

    How about “Last bird on earth died today with a stomach full of plastic.”? Or would it be more like thinking about what someone would write to current day people to get us to care about our environment?

  • I think there’s a lot of jargon I don’t understand here in the abbreviations. (like PM, CC-BY, etc.) I’m assuming this is LARP-speak I’m not familiar with.
    More like legalese; PM → project manager, CC-BY → a specific kind of open source license.
    How about “Last bird on earth died today with a stomach full of plastic.”? Or would it be more like thinking about what someone would write to current day people to get us to care about our environment?
    It's weird events happening in the current day meant to get us to care about our environment.
  • Inspired by Gregory Benford’s novel “Timescape”? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timescape ?
  • It's weird events happening in the current day meant to get us to care about our environment.
    Ah! Gotcha! Like cars running better/only on recycled frying oil?

    Are you looking for carrots (rewarding caring) or sticks (punishing not caring)? Or both?

    I find it hard to come up with these... That’s probably not a good sign for my treating the environment :scream:
  • Jellyfish develop a mutation which allows them to eat and consume plastic.
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    same idea : The DNA sequence that produces the enzyme with which Galleria mellonella digests wax (and then plastic) only coded in morse by a fly that inked itself to death on the draft of my novel (I being a writer that uses a penholder exclusively)
    in a SPAM, the DNA sequence of an abnormal protein whose actual form, if you'd synthetize it, would read "This message to you, human from our past (...)" (this one comes from actual play)
    ... maybe you need more obvious messages, though ;P
  • Are you looking for carrots (rewarding caring) or sticks (punishing not caring)? Or both?
    Both, we started out with sticks but then switched to going for kind of a 50/50 split.

    No, I don't think it's based on Timescape, or I thought the TV show the Travellers was also an inspiration which she hasn't seen either, but I know that the artist behind this loves the time travel novel Ni kommer drunkna i era mödrars tårar and so do I.
    She met up with Ron Mallett and talked to him to develop some of this stuff.

    hose ideas are great so far, keep em coming♥♥♥
  • It's hard to come up with these, right? I've been thinking of going through the Maslow basics but once you've done "apple tasted better" it feels kinda meh to then also go "pear tasted better", right?
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    A new piece of clothing you've just bought for cheap at the shops degrades into tatters in a matter of hours after you put it on.

    You wear a new, expensive shirt you've just bought, but nobody can see you: you've turned invisible.

    An old suit handed down to you by a parent, after you clean and iron it affectionately, turns out better than new - literally: it's now the most glamorous thing you've ever owned.

    You've fixed a hole in dad's old shirt and are wearing it for an evening out: you turn all heads and everybody compliments your look.

    PS: this sounds like an awesome day job.
  • Rafu, these are great! Thank you!

    haha yeah that dad's shirt hole one reminds me of the song we use as outro theme song for D&D

    Day job: Yeah I'm honored to work with this artist Lina Persson; I've worked with her before and she has a way of thinking that's completely lateral to the way I work so we usual do cool stuff

    ps we need moooaaaar
  • @Rafu is nailing it!

    Fields of genetically modified and pesticide sprayed crops yield next to no rewards and cause the surrounding neighbourhood to be unlivable due to polluted ground that it’s treated like a nuclear wasteland.

    A small, biologically tended garden with a healthy ecosystem (not needing pesticides) thrives and yields improbable amounts and qualities of food. A city-block only needs one communal garden to thrive, and abolishes hunger in that block.
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    Here’s an interesting idea:

    Combine two environmental issues to create a difficult situation with multiple possible solutions. (I’m all about combinatorial GM prep techniques these day, after all!)

    For example, let’s say I’m concerned about air pollution for gas-powered vehicles and the use of pesticides. Now I’ve chosen the topics, and I just need to create a connection between them. For instance:

    * Gas fumes from cars leave an oily, disgusting residue on any fruits or vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides growing in the vicinity. Anything near a road can’t be grown safely anymore.

    * Inhaling car exhaust creates an allergic reaction in a person to any produce that were grown with pesticides.

    * Fruits from plants affected by new pesticides are shown to give off fumes which, if combined with car exhaust, form a toxic compound.

    * Pesticides leaking into ground soil are determined to make their way underground, and eventually into crude oil reservoirs, catalyzing a chemical reaction which ruins the oil, making it mostly unusable.

    Picking two different issues or environmental concerns might give rise to some far more interesting ideas. Give it a try!
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    We want climate change related primarily [not that we don't care about other environmental stuff (edit: and all environmental issues are inherently related to economic externalities which makes them inherently on-topic, because of that), it's just that we have a kinda tight spec on this], but combining separate climate-related problems; like transport & animal agriculture, could be a great method…?
    Inhaling car exhaust creates an allergic reaction in a person to any produce that
    … was grown in an energy-intensive hothouse?

    Loving this♥
  • Yes, exactly. Perhaps, "genetically engineered livestock develop a toxic allergy to exhaust fumes"...
  • Nothing I own ends up in a landfill

    I don't own a car, but I ride in one to some locations

    The price on my device includes it's engergy cost.

    I earn profit from converting old things I find in old landfills into new objects

    I earn credit by returning large containers I no longer need

    I design deconstruction programs for old non recyclable products.

    I elect officials who regulate industry to achieve sustainable changes (just saying)
  • ♥♥♥♥ WOW ♥♥♥♥
  • I think the idea for the eerie micro-level / bottom-up approach is to convey a feeling of hyper-actualization of the externalities issue since it's often not well understood idk♥
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    My neighbors and I set up our own mini power grid and we experiment with sustainable micro power generators.

    New eviromentally friendly and long lasting portarable power storage makes green power very attractive in many applications.

    My glass window produces electricity.

    I telework from my community park for a company that rebuilds devastated habitats.
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    Here's a real thing I keep thinking about:

    We abolish the concept of the "office building", wherever possible. (For the idea of an intrusion, consider either a) a new regulation is passed into law, imposing an "unnecessary workplace tax", or b) a popular film about the toxicity of "office culture" becomes such a huge hit that people start to flee offices en masse worldwide.)

    If most of your work involves typing on a computer or making phone calls, you can stay home and do your work from there, removing the need for an enormous building (which must be built, heated, cooled and usually keeps the lights on 24/7), parking lots, and commuting, which reduces congestion, wear and tear on infrastructure, and thousands or millions of people unnecessarily driving (in a car, alone) every day to a place of work where they don't engage in any kind of human contact anyway.
  • @Kenny_J
    :bawling: Are you making fun of her? (The artist I'm working with, that is.) Your suggestions are things we're doing in our everyday life already; this art research project also has the other-worldly fictional component.
    My neighbors and I set up our own mini power grid and we experiment with sustainable micro power generators.
    When we tried this one we kinda effed up the life cycle analysis because materials, manufacture, design and transport before installation, and dissembly, transport and material extraction post generator usable life, ended up costing more in terms of CDE than the power the generator generated. IRL that is. Maybe in the diegesis the OTI made it work well♥ It does have the right "budget-mindful" approach she wants for this.

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    No I'm not makeing fun of anybody!

    Im just sort of trying to open my brain and let ideas spill forth. It's hard to phrase things like you suggest.

    Also keep in mind I live in the US not in a place where eco/green/sustainable has really caught on at all. I currently live in Montana which still has one of the nation's largest coal industries.

    Montana does do some pretty cool sustainable stuff, I didn't mean to not give them credit. Just that it certainly isn't a 'mainstream' way of thinking here.
  • Thanx for the clarification♥
    yeah keep the green hat on! I need to get better at not messing up brainstorming sessions :bawling:
  • I'm a futurist myself and often think about how we can create more sustainable systems. But I definitely don't approach thinking of these type of problems from an individual choice place.

    I think individual choice is definitely important but people still live in the system they live in and unless you change the economic factors rewrite them fundamentally recreate them we can't expect people to make better decisions just because we tell them it's morally good.

    so many of mine automatically go to factors that would change the economic incentives involved. I'm definitely not making fun of anyone who chooses to do some of the things on my list now what I'm saying is that I'm imagining a world where these choices are effortless.
  • Just to add some context to what I was coming up with (and I guess I admit I wanted to say it, a bit of a soap box for me)
  • the personal/microlevel vs regulated industry thing was kInd of a sore spot between me & boss for a while. (uh, sorry to air our own laundry in here.)

    we both, me and her, obv want dialectic between both these levels (we want both “individuals learning to make do with less, & to be more aware of their own personal impact” and “huge, sweeping changes on the macro level about how industry & markets are regulated” to happen) irl, but she wanted this hyper personal level for this particular larp (under our bigger umbrella project). she deleted all my big “oil tanker” / “coal plant” level ideas.

    obv she makes the call, that’s the chain of command in our project [hence it’s kinda “don’t shoot the messenger” trying to convince me that we should be doing it differently although ofc she can read this thread or I can bring feedback with me] but she actually had a two pretty good reasons that helped bring me around:

    1. fostering awareness of the market externalities and our bigger impact to see to what extent such awareness can trickle up to larger-scale decions, and
    2. steering clear of the trap “time travellers will fix everything by coming in to deus ex machina away the problems with the policy gaps surrounding large-scale exploitation”
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    EDITED TO ADD: because of not reloading a cached page, I had skipped reading over a dozen posts w/useful clarifications that came before I wrote this. Please bear with me.

    Bottled water tastes like sand and petroleum - it gives you an ever-increasing thirst.

    Put your ear close to lithium-ion batteries and you can hear the screams and smell the sweat and blood of the tortured souls who were worked to death extracting rare minerals.
  • Car exhaust comes out black and doesn't fade away into the air.

    Lightswitches turn themselves off when you leave the room.

    Recyclable containers moan piteously when placed in the garbage.

    Air sealed within plastic packaging takes on a terrible odour which is released when it is torn open and lingers in the vicinity for hours.
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    "fostering awareness of the market externalities and our bigger impact" Hey, you mean "paint the world as you really see it".
    People in very white, clean clothes in neat sport halls or by wood and glass building near the river, wearing on south-east-asiatic / indian children fingers and enjoying their elasticity for running and bouncing.
    People drinking 100% syrup from the tap.
    Healthy 30s growing instant diabetes.
    Oh crap, I forgot it was about climate change.
    Polar bears foraging in the trash ?
  • These are amazing! Much love♥♥♥
  • Plastic bottles feel heavier than glass ones.

    Place a couple plastic containers into the recycling bin and it immediately fills up - it can't hold any more. No matter how often you empty it, it just takes a couple bottles to fill it up again.

    You cycle or walk to your destination and it's only when you get there that you realize a very short time has passed - you got there much faster than if by car.
  • Really great day at work today playtesting some of these♥♥♥
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