one in a hundred

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Maybe this is obv but I just realized that if you want exactly a one-in-a-hundred chance, it's 19 or 20 on an unmodified d20 with disad. If you want exactly one-in-a-million chance, it's doing that three times in a row. If you want a (Edit: this link is very spoilerific) Pratchett-style one-in-a-million chance it's a 3+ on a single d20.


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    I was immediately thinking about Pratchett and how in Discworld it means it’d succeed 100% of the time :tongue:

    EDIT: glad to be reminded that it’s nine times out of ten. Whoops. My Pratchett knowledge is failing me. Need to re-read.
  • I had to look it up too, I read them back in the 90s
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