Kickstarter launch for “A Cool and Lonely Courage”

I’d like to announce that I’ve now launched the 21 day kickstarter campaign for “A Cool and Lonely Courage”, a table top story game about the heroic women of the SOE in occupied France for 2-5 players.

You can watch it being played on this YouTube video, ably facilitated by @AviatrixCat to whom I’m very grateful.

I would love it if you decided to show your support by backing it on the kickstarter page here:

Thank you for reading!



  • Her S-G username is just @Aviatrix
    Good luck with the KS♥
  • Vid link is broken? IDK, It works for me?

    Here it is again

  • Thanks for the username help, and the correct link. I don’t know why my first attempt at that didn’t work...?
  • Ooh, if @Aviatrix is involved in this in any way, that makes me even more interested. Looking forward to checking this out!
  • Seems good. Will look further into it.
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