Welcome! What to read at Story Games (2019)

Dear reader,

Whether you’re new to Story Games or just looking for new things to read, this is a great place to start. Be sure to take a look at the Welcome to Story Games thread, as well as the “(re)introduce yourself” thread, and consider saying “hello” there whenever you feel ready.

Meanwhile, in this thread you’ll find a great variety of material to read, old and new. You can always click through to the Best of Story Games category to find a handful of good things to read, but in this thread you’ll find a greater variety that’s constantly being updated, as well as a larger variety of opinions. There are lots of great discussions that don’t necessarily belong in Best of Story Games but are still full of great material.

To everyone participating:

In this thread, post a link to a favourite thread or two, and tell us what makes it interesting to you. Try to give enough context and information for the reader to have a good sense of why they might want to read that particular thread, and what excites you about its content.



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