Meshing threads together

I see when a new subject arises that was dealt some in a previous thread years ago, some people reference the old subject. Would it create a recursive aberration to link these -other- threads back in ?
Con : the annoyance of having the old thread back on top of the list. Worst if someone posts in the older thread again, confusion ensues. Also, it's thread resurrection.
Pro : if someone finds the old thread through internet search and ignores all the new developments.
Me, I am all for doing it because I like to find things when I look for them.


  • It may be a lot of work, but if the gist of the discussions could be summarized and archived somewhere, that would be amazing.
  • Just linking to that thread would be awesome, usually it’s an oblique reference like “that thread about Otherkind dice” and it’s impossible to search for.
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    I’d encourage people to link to things when possible: it’s good etiquette. (Sometimes you can do it for someone else, if they forgot.)

    “Summarized and archived” is amazing, but I wouldn’t expect someone else to do it for you.

    This forum has always been “for@ thread necromancy, and I think that’s a good practice. I would never hold back from posting in any old thread that might be interesting to current readers.
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